– November 5th, 2012 by Parker Pearlstein –
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Early morning pathway classes frustrate students

Pathway classes have been a staple in every student’s life at Colby-Sawyer College for as long as many of us can remember as a welcoming into our Liberal Arts experience.

A generalized course with a topic of the student’s interest is taken first semester of the freshman year and the second semester of sophomore year. The purpose is to show the increase in maturity that students will feel when they meet again with the same teachers and peers for a second time in a class. Many students have mixed feelings, complaining that the classes are either too difficult or a waste of time based on lack of difficulty.

Next semester, however the sophomores will have to take their pathway courses at 8 a.m. much to the dismay of C.J Harris, a sophomore history major, who said, “They shouldn’t exist. They should just be at a time better suited for the experience of college students.”

Students such as Molly Chesterton, a sophomore nursing major, will be feeling the pain from this due to her schedule being from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon on the days that she doesn’t have to do her clinical hours.

A rigorous schedule like this can become difficult to keep up, and Randy Hanson, chair of the department of multi-disciplinary studies, said, “Is it the optimal time for learning, no, but it goes the other way as well. Many of the students would love to have night classes but it is not generally an optimal time for faculty, we tend to get up earlier.” Other factors had to do with fitting courses with labs or clinicals around the scheduling for pathways and accommodating the flood of people going to the cafeteria when the pathways let out at 12:15.

This will however be the last time that the pathway program as we have known it will be in effect. Starting this coming fall the pathways will become a single semester seminar that will not require stepping stones that will negate the second semester of the pathway and just take place at the beginning of the college career here at Colby-Sawyer.


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