– March 29th, 2013 by Mandy Clayton –
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Drag Ball ushers acceptance

The March 22 Drag Ball brought loud sounds, happy faces and a safe environment for all. With performances by professional drag queens and kings, everyone was in for a treat.

 LGBT community member Devin R. Wilkie, states that, “Of course the primary goal seems to be to have fun, but it’s definitely an experience to show people that drag queens, drag kings, anyone like that is still a human being just like the rest of us. Overall, it’s just a real theme of acceptance.”

 Walking around Wheeler while the music was bumping and seeing everyone’s smiling accepting faces was a huge change. “It was nice to see the students getting together and having a blast with each other no matter who you are or want to be,” stated Cody Kenyon.

 “I think our main goal is to provide a community for people to recognize that transgenderism, transvestitism, even LGBT issues in general are acceptable and can be expressed publically,” explained Wilkie.

Overall, this was one of the busiest drag balls the SAFE Zones club has had yet. “With students pouring in through the evening, the performances were the best yet. It was tons of fun seeing everyone together having a good time. I can’t wait for next year,” exclaimed Juliette Longvall.

 The drag performances were done to today’s popular music with an extra special dance twist, which left the crowd members dancing and singing till the very end.

 “The drag queens and kings that we got this year are new. We’ve been through a few different groups of performers. They’ve gotten progressively better. These are the best ones that we’ve had. They did an amazing job this year. This is a group that we are going to try and work with in the future,” said Wilkie.

 For more information on Colby-Sawyers’ LGBT Community go to: http://www.colby-sawyer.edu/diversity/lgbt.html.


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