– March 29th, 2013 by Chad Reilly –
Women's Lax

Despite early season struggles lacrosse hopes for midseason surge

It’s fair to say that most New Englanders are sick of the snow at this point. Some joke that it may still be here when graduation rolls around! Despite the merciless weather bringing a bit of seasonal depression to the students, the athletic teams are the ones who really feel the affects.

Colby-Sawyer’s women’s lacrosse team seems to be the most devastated with the lack of spring weather. With more than three cancellations prior to its Florida spring training, the team was left with only one game under its belt. Logically, they lost all two of their games in Florida to teams playing on a consistent basis. A bit of a set back, especially, for the senior class.

Senior Amanda Murray, captain and vocal anchor of the defense, is ready for a serious change. “Our season has been negatively impacted from all the snow. Practicing inside a gym does not provide enough space to work on all of the full field skills that are needed to perform well in games. Our spring break trip to Disney was the first time we had stepped foot on grass to practice and play as a team.”

Starting Attack sophomore Carly Baker expressed her annoyance about the weather as well. “We have serious potential, but not getting outside is killing our chances of winning our conference this year. It’s so frustrating!”

Head Coach Emily Rinde-Thorsen maintains her confidence in her team despite the dire setbacks over the past month. “We have a strong class of seniors this year. They have been playing together for four years, and their leadership is evident on the field. Also, this is the strongest incoming class since the current seniors came in four years ago. The weather will continue to be a challenge, but I have high hopes we can win the conference this year.”

March 27 marked their first victory of the season, beating Salem State 13-12 in a heated overtime battle. Next, will be the tough teams of Norwich, Thomas College and rival NEC. With the depth of their team it should definitely make for an exciting and unpredictable (as the weather) season.

Murray concluded, “We hope that all of this snow melts soon, so we can play at least a few games out on Mercer Field before the seasons over.”



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