– November 30th, 2012 by Molly Mattern –
Cooking club

Cooking Club Turns Up the Heat

The cooking club has made an appearance at Colby-Sawyer College as one of the newest clubs on campus this fall. Although the club, which hosts meetings every Thursday in Colgate 301, is going through the beginning phases, it has already accumulated 33 members, 11 of whom are active in every meeting.

Shanshan Chen, President and founder of the club, is hoping to build a foundation for a community to be built, through the use of food and varying cultures. “I want to bring people together and make Colby-Sawyer College a more diverse campus through the club.”

“My roommate last year said she needed to recruit people for the upcoming club, and I had been trying to figure out new clubs to join, so I decided on the cooking club this fall,” Julia Soleau, junior member stated describing her reason to join.

The club, which tries to be diverse in its food choices, cooks once a month. Chen states, “In September we had spring rolls and bubble tea, and in October we decided to host a birthday themed event, baking a cake, because most of our members have birthdays in that month. We think it’s going to stay a tradition from now on.”

New members are encouraged to join and give input in the direction of the club, and in what they want to see happen. The meetings allow each individual to relay his or her opinions to the group, and the group decides on what is best for them as a whole. A Facebook page has also been created, which allows the members, and non-members a place to comment what they love to cook, recipes, and any suggestions for the club itself. The page is named “CSC Cooking Club” and is open for all students to enjoy.

“New Members can attend the meeting, contribute ideas, or share their own stories about food on Facebook. They also can help out when we have club activity,” Chen states.

Upcoming events that are in the work for the spring semester include: having a booth set up at the diversity fair, and international week where the club hopes to introduce itself more to the student body, and allow for the diversity it strives for.


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