– March 8th, 2013 by Alana Jeralds –
ware opening banner

Community tours new campus center

Many “thank you’s” and a warm welcome to the new Ware Student Center building were voiced at the Grand Re-Opening March 5 in Wheeler Hall, decorated and staffed by the Event Management class.


The ceremony represented a great change. A new building with a new name created with Colby-Sawyer’s students in mind. Speeches at the event were delivered by President Tom Galligan, Dean of Students David Sauerwein, and Manager of Dining Services Mike Heffernan.


Galligan stood upon the podium granting a big “thank you” to all who helped make the new Ware Student Center come to be. As the crowd peered up at the stage, Galligan informed that the Ware Student Center “is about making the lives of our students’ better.” Continuing about the new Ware Student Center, Galligan asked the community to, “Enjoy it, make it live, make it the place to be.”


Tours of the new building followed the speeches. Each tour offered an opportunity to win gift cards. As the tours came to an end, the winner of the raffle was announced and an architectural cake designed to look like the Ware Student Center was served. To close, an Open Mic Night began at 6 p.m. for all to watch.


Junior John-Luke Tierno. who attended the event. reflected upon the new Ware Student Center, “The Center is much bigger. It looks cleaner, nicer, and it allows for more activities within the dining hall. I’ve also been seeing more students doing their homework here than I ever used to before.”


Others roamed and socialize within Wheeler Hall as well. Appetizer platters circled the room, containing crackers, cheeses, shrimp, scallops with bacon, punch, and other assorted foods.


As Sauerwein approached the podium, he opened, “Today we have proven Colby-Sawyer again…Today we are here to welcome students back to a great place…We are not done here, the building is just a shell. Students are the life of this Student Center.”


The third speaker, Heffernan, began his speech by cracking a few jokes, “Dinosaurs were not roaming the quad when I started working at Colby-Sawyer College.” The crowd erupted with laughter. Heffernan then went on to explain the changes to the Dining Hall. These include better lighting, ventilation, new food stations and new dishwashing machinery.


Sophomore Christi Wilson, a tour guide at the opening, stated, “The new Ware Student Center is very modern, and the event as a whole is extremely classy.”


Colors of whites and blues decorated Wheeler Hall, representing Colby-Sawyer’s school colors. Candles, flowers, balloons, and round tables decorated with blue tablecloths appealed to the eye. Cory Schofield elegantly played a soft, peaceful tune on the piano as a slideshow rotated pictures of the building process for the improved Ware Student Center.


Galligan announced, “The best ideas come from the simplest truths,” and that is how the Student Center surfaced: an idea turned into reality.


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