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Colby-Sawyer helps a young boy named Colby Sawyer

Colby-Sawyer is taking on a project, under the leadership of Julie Crisafi, Parent and Community Partnerships Coordinator, to help a nine-year-old boy who shares the college’s name in his fight with cancer.

Colby Sawyer, a nine year old boy who lives in Alabama, was diagnosed June 19 with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, otherwise known as ALL. The condition is serious with a three-year road of treatment ahead. Due to this, the college has taken on a project to send love and well wishes his way.

Crisafi stated, “Currently we’re working on just sending good wishes and items to help lift his and his family’s spirits during this difficult time. We’re working on a possible fund raising campaign in the future to help his family with extra expenses including travel, hotel stays, food, etc. while being with Colby when he has to be away from home for treatments.”

Students at Colby-Sawyer have embraced this community outreach.

Caitlyn LeBlanc, a sophomore nursing major, stated, “I think that the fact that the college has gotten involved with an opportunity that reaches outside the community, and helps someone in need is awesome. This is a project everybody can get involved with, and it’s something you can feel good doing.”

One of the ways that Colby-Sawyer has begun to show its support is by creating a Facebook page that encourages students, staff and faculty and community members to post pictures of themselves with Colby-Sawyer gear and leave it on the Facebook wall and wish Colby Sawyer a quick recovery, or simply a little message that encourages both the family and friends of Colby Sawyer. The page can be found at Colby-Sawyer College Supports Colby Sawyer!

Don’t have a Facebook page? No problem! If you email Crisafi at jcrisafi@colby-sawyer.edu with your message and/or picture she will upload it to Facebook for you.

Care packages have also been a way the college has begun to reach out to Colby Sawyer. Last week Cristafi shipped a 27 pound package with notes from students, staff members, and community members to help Colby Sawyer in his road to recovery.

“I welcome any suggestions or ideas! Any departments, clubs, or organizations that are interested in doing something I’d be happy to work with as well. I’ve already been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for students, staff and faculty!” said Crisafi.


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  1. Dave Estey says:

    I think CSC should take the extra $8,100 they collected by overselling parking spaces this year (513 permits sold for 432 spots) and put it toward this.

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