– April 11th, 2014 by Alana Jeralds –

Colby-Sawyer helping to feed the hungry with Feed the Freezer

Colby-Sawyer utilizes leftover, untouched dining hall food to participate in the food recovery program, Feed the Freezer. 45 to 50 meals are delivered each week to local food pantries in order to help feed the hungry.

Sodexo Supervisor Sandi Brownell has taken advantage of her job position in order to give back to the community. Always wanting to help others, Brownell spoke to the Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church and found they have a Feed the Freezer program. The idea to bring this cause to Colby-Sawyer was then born.

Brownell explains, “The Feed the Freezer program is my vision of filling a need that has needed to be addressed.”

The Feed the Freezer program not only allows Colby-Sawyer to give away full meals to the hungry, but the program also involves a can and paper drive as well as an available dollar donation.

The can and paper drive involves the many food drive boxes placed around the college campus. Students, faculty and staff place edible canned and paper goods into the boxes to later be collected and sent to local food pantries. The dollar donation that is available everyday to students at the dining hall funds the food pantries to allow them to purchase more food goods.

The last step coming up for Feed the Freezer is to plant a seed to grow plants this summer. Students, faculty and staff are being asked to donate some of their fresh fruits and vegetables after harvest. The fresh fruits and vegetables will then be given to the two involved food pantries.

As the first official Certified Food Recovery Chapter for Sodexo in New Hampshire, Brownell is proud of the Colby-Sawyer College community. “We are already at 450 meals since we began during the second week of December 2013. Collectively, Colby-Sawyer is in a great position to have a large impact on our neighbors’ hunger issues. I have envisioned Feed the Freezer as a program that will stand long after I am gone.”

Before Feed the Freezer, the leftover food was either thrown away or given to pig farms for pig food. Now the leftover food is truly making a difference.

“It means a lot to these small pantries, as they have seen the need grow bigger, to have CSC and Sodexo offer their support.”



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