– October 5th, 2012 by Molly Mattern –

CAB uses Facebook to connect with students

This semester on campus there are a variety of activities and events that everyone can participate in thanks to the Campus Activities Board (CAB), a student run organization that hosts and plans events on campus.

The classic CAB events, that everyone knows and loves, are back, including Wacky Bingo, Open Mic Night, and special weekend events that will take place all year round. Christina Winnett, student president of CAB, shared her feeling on the upcoming October special weekend that is arriving quickly. “For the October special weekend this year, our Special Weekend chairs and committee have decided to change up the format of events a little bit to keep everything interesting, so everybody should keep an eye out for (the) posters and Facebook events in the coming weeks.”

The Facebook events page is a new tool that the members of CAB are using to open up their organization to Colby-Sawyer, in hopes that they will receive more student opinions on what kinds of events and entertainment they would like to see. Sophomore Britnie Stryhal when asked if she would ever use Facebook to look up CAB events stated “Yes, I would. I feel like using Facebook to market an organization like CAB is a great idea. So many students are on Facebook, and if they are invited to events on it, then I feel like they are more likely to attend.”

Facebook, though, is not the only new addition to producing CAB’s goal of obtaining more student opinions. A quarterly newspaper is being worked on, allowing the student body a glimpse into different aspects of what the club is all about, spotlights of the club members, and an advertisement of upcoming CAB events.

Student opinion and participation mean everything to CAB. “We do what we can with what we have, and with more student participation, we can deliver events that the campus community wants to see more often,” Winnett stated. The members even attend a conference held by the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) twice a year, to network with other colleges across New England; to assess what types of activities can be hosted at Colby-Sawyer.

So, look up and “like” the CAB page on Facebook, keep an eye out for the events, get out of those dorm rooms, and attend some great entertainment this semester! Because, in the words of sophomore Danielle Kostandin“”CAB plans awesome events.”

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