– April 25th, 2014 by Stephen Thomas –
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Artwork for sustainability

Colby-Sawyer College featured twelve graphic design and writing students this past Tuesday, April 22 for the premier of “Setting the Table Green.” The students’ posters exhibited Colby-Sawyer’s strides toward environmental sustainability.

Set throughout the cafeteria, posters depicted students’ visual representations of the different ways Colby-Sawyer, along with Sodexo Food Services, implement change that benefits both the local community and the environment. Students were given a list to choose from of environmentally friendly things the cafeteria does with the goal of representing the environmentally friendly things through visual art.

Colby-Sawyer Sophomore Breyon Brown described her digital media poster saying, “I wanted to create something that would catch peoples’ attention, the cleaning supplies here are non toxic and eco-friendly and had interesting names like Oasis and Solitaire so when you see it you take a closer look at the environmental part of it.”

Colby-Sawyer sophomores Ryan O’Donnell and Sarah McMahon took the choices given to them about the morals that Sodexo uses in its business and made a poster titled, “All Green… All Good.” O’Donnell described the poster, saying, “ It shows how a lot of the things that we use here for our outdoor activities and even just the napkins are recyclable and biodegradable. We made this tree comprised of all the things we use that can be put back into nature.”


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