– March 29th, 2013 by Alana Jeralds –

Artists exhibit their works

The Annual Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition compiles Colby-Sawyer students’ skillful artwork March 29 to allow the talent of others to be enjoyed and celebrated by all who attend.

The exhibition is in the making by students of the Gallery Exhibition class. Arts of all sorts will be presented to the audience at the event. The event will be including photographs, watercolors, integrated media, sculptures, prints, paintings, ceramics, and graphic designs.

Professor of Fine and Performing Arts Loretta Barnett, gallery director, states, “We generally have a great turn out at this event; this year it is scheduled for Friday March 29th (from)5 to 7 p.m. We have faculty and staff attending and of course the students, along with their family and friends.”

This year 79 students entered their artwork. Altogether there will be 195 pieces on display at the event.

A Sophomore Graphic Design student, Faith Boucher, entered a typographic piece, a graphic design piece, a photograph and a print. Boucher explains passionately, “The time put in, the talent, and originality, it is completely overwhelming. That is why I entered my work in–because I love to contribute and be a part of that.”

Students who have worked long and hard on their work deserve to be recognized, and this is exactly what the event is for. Every piece of artwork admitted leaves the artist with a chance for a scholarship. Some of the scholarships include the: Nancy Pierce Williams, Charlotte Cobb Stahl, Edith B. Long, Financial Services Art and Materials, and the Tomie de Paola/Whitebird Award. All of these scholarships range from $2,000 to $250.

Students on campus appear to be excited to soon be able to view other students’ artwork. Shannon Avery, sophomore biology student, expresses, “I’m hoping to see a rare variety of talent that reflects students passion for art and diversity. I’m excited to attend this event because it will allow me to be able to view the work completed by my peers.”

During the show, awards will be given to those who are judged as worthy at 6:30 p.m. Within each category of art, first, second and third place winners will be recognized for the title of “best in show.”

A great thanks goes out to Gladys Greenbaum Meyers, class of 1939, who makes this event possible each year. Without Meyers’ donation, the quality of the event would not be up to its current standards.

Boucher comments on how she feels while attending Colby-Sawyer’s art shows, “This is my third time entering in an art show on campus. If you have ever been to an art gallery opening, you know the overpowering feeling you get while you’re there.”


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