– October 5th, 2012 by Parker Pearlstein –
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A Weaver’s Passions

A person’s characteristics define who they are, many of us work our whole lives perfecting one task. Nancy Lyon’s zeal drove her to become well known within many different circles from the Mt. Kearsarge and Lake Sunapee Regions to far reaches of the world. Friday, Oct. 12, many of Lyon’s friends and family will get together for the closing of an exhibit showing off her artistic talent at Colby-Sawyer College’s Marion Graves Mugar Art Gallery.

Large fine art weavings, samplers, painted canvases, and high-end woven and constructed clothing are currently on display in the gallery. At the closing reception, a silent auction will take place from 5:30 until 7 p.m. All the pieces will be for sale, as well as some additional non-displayed works. Bids may be made beginning on Sept. 20 through Oct. 12. The winning bids will be announced at the Closing Reception.

Lyon’s many talents included the art of weaving; she toured around the country teaching people techniques that have been “dead” for the greater part of the last century. Her crackle weaves set her apart from many of the craftsmen she worked with, using vibrant colors and patterns that were not the norm. Professor of Fine and Performing Arts Loretta Barnett, the gallery director commented on Lyon’s style saying, “Most often crackle work had one or two colors . . . Nancy however was definitely known as some one who worked outside the box. It’s a good example for students because they get comfortable and we want to push them outside the box, Nancy did that in her own work.” Barnett went on to say, “Nancy did things creatively and took older techniques a bit farther.”

A trendsetter in many ways, Lyon’s taught weaving classes across the country pushing people to their limits, as she seemed to do herself. Involved in many aspects of the community one of Lyon’s favorite activities was to walk with her dogs through the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust properties that she spent the better part of 20 years dedicating much of her time to. Ausbon Sargent is an organization that takes care of properties in twelve towns surrounding the region in rural landscapes by working with owners to conserve properties for public use. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the organization. Deborah Stanley, the executive director of the trust, said, “It wasn’t just that we were getting the proceeds for the exhibit but rather that we were celebrating her life as a person who made such a large difference in peoples lives.”


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