– November 5th, 2012 by Amazjah Grant –
rocky horror

Safe Zones hosts “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

A night of horror, screaming and adventures happened at the Sawyer Center Oct. 26th. The Safe Zones hosted a screening of the classic movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Before the club started the movie, they made students who have never seen the movie stand in front of the room. They had to participate in some different kind of events so they would not be virgins anymore to the movie. One of the games students played was that they had to but a balloon between their legs. Their partner had to put a safety pin in their mouth and pop the balloon.

After all that excitement, the movie was getting started. Devin Wilkie, a senior, explained to everyone what the bags on the desk were filled with. Explained what we were allowed to do during the movie. He went over the safety rules by showing us where the exits were before the movie started.

The movie was an interactive disc, so when students walked in there were paper bags placed on their desks. In these bags were not candy, but supplies to throw at each other and the screen. The supplies were halves of toasted bread, rice, confetti and balloons or rubber gloves.

One of the activities that the disk told the group to do was to do a little dance. Everyone in the room rose out of their seats and started dancing. They started to do the dance that the disc told them to do even though there was rice all over the floor. People danced their butts off.

These were very strange activities that were happening on campus that night. But it was night to act foolish and have fun. There were some Colby-Sawyer students who were dressed up as characters from the movie. It was a fun event that made people laugh and be crazy before the real fun started on Halloween.

The Safe Zones club is about promoting a safe haven for LGBT students. On this night that is exactly what they did by showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It showed that you can be yourself without being embarrassed of who you are.


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