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The Dining Dish
Do you care about what you eat?
Do you have any ideas about new foods to serve?
Is our service meeting your expectations?

If you have the answers to these questions, or you would like to offer your input about our menus, service, or dinding room you're invited to join The Dining Dish, a group of students given the opportunity to share their ideas with the Campus Dining Management Staff. This is your chance to make a difference. Email Chef Doyle or Dennis Keon for more information.

Do you Recycle?

How do I add money to my lodge or bookstore account?

Please call 603.526.3454

What's the name of the company that Colby-Sawyer has contracted to provide foodservice?
"Sodexo Campus Dining" is the company name. However, we like "Colby-Sawyer Dining" best!

What's this new on-campus meal plan? Every student that lives on campus now has unlimited dining. You may frequent the dining room as often as you like!

Do on-campus students still have guests meals?
Yes. Each on-campus student is allotted 4 guests meals per semester. However, this "guest" must be someone who does not live on campus.

What about bag lunches?
Our bag lunch program is offered to those unable to attend because of day long internships, traveling programs, etc. Please see us at the Foodservice office in the bottom floor of Ware Campus Center to see if you qualify and to obtain forms to participate in this program.