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Food Facts

Here at CSC, we use a "non-hydrogenated" fryer oil. "Hydrogenated" oils have been chemically transformed from their normal liquid state into solids. Hydrogenation creates trans fatty acids, converting the oil into a saturated fat and obliterating any benefits it has as a polyunsaturate.

Recommended Reading

The New Professional Chef-sixth edition
The Food Lover's Companion-third edition
These two books are the bibles of all things food. If you possess the talent to boil water, you should own them. In the event you can't boil water, then you may want to stay away from other humans in the presence of fire.

Kitchen Confidential-Anthony Bourdain Written with an absolute passion for food, it is an honest look into the world of restaurant life. Those in the restaurant business will give a knowing smile at every turn of the page, while those not so familiar with it will be astonished at how un-glamourous working in the world of food can be.

The Pharaoh's Feast-Oswald Rivera A recent guest here at CSC, Oswald writes on the evolution of ancient cooking and provides us with a compendium of recipes that span well over 2000 years. History, religion, sociology, and the dinner table...they are inexplicably tied together, responsible for each other and results of one another.

Eating Well on Campus

Ann Litt provides this informative book to guide college students into healthy eating habits. From dorm rooms to full size kitchens, Ann points out how beer, tobacco, and even some drugs affect your diet. What to eat to compete, hot to eat a healthy vegetarian diet, or how to help a friend with an eating disorder, it's all here.

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Chef Henry Doyle

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