office of residential education

Who You'll Meet: Residential Education Staff

The Residential Education staff is comprised of 23 undergraduate Resident Assistants, seven professional (non-student) Resident Directors, an Assistant Director of Residential Education and the Director of Residential Education.

Brief descriptions of each position are listed below.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate students who act as peer advisors, resource people, and programmers to students in the residence halls.

Their primary responsibility is getting to know the students they live with and helping them to make the most of their Colby-Sawyer experience. They are knowledgeable about the college and campus resources, and can answer questions and help to resolve room and floor issues.

Resident Assistants are selected each spring for the following academic year. Students who wish to become RAs must be committed to providing students with the tools they need to experience personal growth and to create a sense of community with fellow students.
Most importantly, they must be able to take an individual interest in each student with whom they work.

RAs are compensated with a waiver of the room fee for the duration of their employment.

For more information about becoming an RA or applying for a position please contact Karin Berthiaume, Assistant Director of Residential Education.

Resident Directors

The Resident Director (RD) is a ten-month, live-in professional who plays a critical role in the lives of students in the residence halls. The Resident Director is a member of the Student Development team who reports directly to the Director of Residential Education.

In addition to collaborating with other members of the Student Development staff, faculty, and students, the Resident Director works with the Resident Assistants to provide a challenging and supportive environment where students can live and learn.

Like RAs, Resident Directors focus their energy on getting to know every individual in their hall(s), and helping them to get to know each other. RDs are available to students to discuss private concerns, and help to connect students to the appropriate campus resources.

Contact our current Resident Directors:

Resident Director Residence Halls
Stacey Guptill Rooke Hall, Colby Hall, Page Hall, McKean Hall
Sheraz Iqbal Best Hall, Lawson Hall
Liz Mayberry Burpee Hall, Austin Hall, Shepard Hall
Erin O'Dea Danforth Hall, Abbey Hall

Director of Residential Education

The Director of Residential Education is responsible for all aspects of residence hall management, and for the evolution of a developmental residential program. She directly supervises the RDs and provides leadership for residential programming, crisis management, housing assignments and room changes, facilities management, and responsiveness to students.

Contact Mary McLaughlin, the Director of Residential Education.

Assistant Director of Residential Education

The Assistant Director encourages staff programming efforts with particular emphasis on skill development and recognition in this area, and acts as a liaison to the faculty in the development of our Across the College Learning program. She also coordinates room changes, RA selection, summer housing, the apartment selection process, and damage billing.

Contact Karin Berthiaume, the Assistant Director of Residential Education.