office of residential education

Room Draw 2011 - Policies & Updates

Important Info for 2011-2012

  1. Housing is not guaranteed for students who do not participate in Room Draw.
    Room Draw is the ONLY opportunity you will have to guarantee yourself campus housing for next year. If you don't participate in Room Draw and decide later that you want to live on campus, you will be added to a housing wait list and will only be housed if space is available after new students are housed. Remember that you MUST register for classes to be able to participate.

  2. A placement wait list will be available for students to request housing in a hall that has closed.
    We anticipate that there will be a high demand for housing this year, and since we hold out space for incoming students, you may not have much choice when you come through Room Draw, depending on your priority number. This year we are giving you the option to place yourself (with your roommate) on a placement wait list, so that you can request housing in a hall that is not available when you come through. Many students withdraw or move off-campus during the summer, making many new spaces available for returning students.

People with late-scheduled Room Draw numbers should come to Room Draw expecting that they will probably be on the placement wait list.