office of residential education

Room Draw 2015

Three Easy Steps to Choose a Room for 2015-2016

  1. Complete and submit your application for housing / Room Lease & Board Contract via the Residence system
  2. Opt-in to a housing selection process (lottery) & form a roommate group
  3. Choose a room at your designated selection time

Important Information & Timeline

I'm Interested In Living In...

Please Note: Best, Colby, and Lawson Halls will be reserved for first-year students for 2015-2016. London House will be offline for student housing for 2015-2016.


Please contact Residential Education by calling x3755 or sending an e-mail to

Important Reminder

First and second year students are required to live in college housing. Third and fourth year students may break their Room Lease & Board Contracts without penalty by July 1. After July 1, students will be responsible for paying the full cost of room and board for the year. Please note that breaking the contract will make students ineligible to continue in the Colby-Sawyer Price and Graduation Promise program.