office of residential education

Room Lease and Board Contract

revised March 2014

  1. Colby-Sawyer College agrees to assign and lease to the student space for living in a residence hall or other college housing for the academic year ending the day of the student's last exam in the spring semester.
    1. This contract does not permit students to remain in residence during break periods when the residence halls are closed. Students who are granted permission to remain in residence must abide by the terms of this contract as well as the terms of the break housing contract.
    2. This contract is for the full academic year, or balance of the academic year if signed after the beginning of the fall semester, and is not transferable.
    3. This contract is also for board.
  2. This contract may be canceled by the student on or before July 1, without penalty, if the student is not a first or second year student. After July 1, the student is committed to paying the full cost of room and board for the year. First and second year students are required to live on campus.
  3. Any request for relief from the terms and conditions of this contract in circumstances not outlined in item 2 should be made in writing to the Director of Residential Education.
  4. This contract may be canceled by the college:
    1. After fall semester, if the student is not registered for classes for spring semester after the November registration period.
    2. At any time if the student is no longer a full-time student, with no refund of college housing fee.
    3. If student is deprived of college housing after an appropriate disciplinary process, with no refund of college housing fee.
  5. The room and board charge for each semester is reviewed and published on the college website annually. Colby-Sawyer College reserves the right to adjust the charges from time to time whether or not within the term of this agreement. Additional charges apply to private rooms and rooms with private baths.
  6. Colby-Sawyer College shall accept no responsibility for the theft or loss of moneys, valuables, or other personal effects of the resident stored in his/her room or otherwise kept on the premises. It is the responsibility of the resident to determine if any personal/family insurance covers personal property kept on the premises or to obtain any such insurance.
  7. The student will be issued a key to the assigned room. Keys should not be transferred or loaned to any other person. Students will be billed for lost keys at replacement cost for a new core and keys.
  8. Excess damage in the residence halls will be billed to the individuals responsible for the damage. In cases where responsibility for damage cannot be specifically assigned, all residents occupying the living unit will be responsible for the damage on a pro-rata basis.
  9. No room will be reserved for anyone who has not signed this contract.
  10. No resident has the exclusive right to any particular room. The college reserves the exclusive right to assign and re-assign students to space, at its sole discretion. The college may consolidate students into rooms/residence halls if space is available.
  11. The resident agrees that the rooms shall be used only as living spaces. Rooms may not be subleased by the resident and are not to be occupied by anyone other than the approved residents assigned to the room.
  12. The resident may occupy the assigned space not earlier than:
    1. on the first day of orientation for new students;
    2. on the designated date and time for returning students (never to be less than 24 hours before the first class schedule for the fall semester).
  13. Both parties agree that the provisions concerning residence halls set forth in the the Code of Community Responsibility, rules of the college, and rules of the residence halls are conditions of this contract. The above-mentioned rules are incorporated herein, and may be changed from time to time.
  14. In the event that a student is assigned to special interest housing (quiet, substance-free, international, or apartment-style), they will be responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations of such housing as outlined below.
  15. Colby-Sawyer College's obligation to perform under this contract is conditioned upon the ability of the resident to fulfill the admissions requirements of Colby-Sawyer College and to maintain full-time student status during the term hereof.
  16. A college representative has the right to inspect the rooms at any time for the proper operation of the hall, for reasons of health, safety and security, or if they have reason to believe that a violation of college policy or state or federal law is occurring in the room. Normal, requested, and emergency maintenance will be accomplished from time to time without prior notification.
  17. Colby-Sawyer College reserves the right to cancel this contract without any refund in room fee for violation of college policy. For any violation of the terms and conditions of this contract, the college may terminate this contract without refund and require the resident to vacate his/her assigned space within 24 hours of receipt of written notification of termination.

Contract Addenda & Agreement for Specific Housing Options

Substance Free Living in McKean Hall

McKean Hall: Basement co-ed; 1st floor female; 2nd floor male; 3rd floor female.

McKean is a Substance-Free Environment. Residents who choose to live in McKean are either substance-free or support a substance-free lifestyle. McKean residents choose to be free from the detrimental effects of substance use in their attitudes, interactions and environment.

Because of my commitment to the philosophy of McKean, I agree:
  • To preserve McKean as a substance-free environment and refrain from using substances in the hall.
  • To participate in the hall in a way that will enhance both my experience and the development of the community.
  • To support students who choose to be substance-free in my behavior, which will include but not be limited to, refraining from returning to the hall after using substances elsewhere.
  • To respect that there are different ways to be substance- free.
  • To be involved in the development and review of the expectations of the McKean philosophy.
As a member of the McKean Community, I understand the above statements, and choose to preserve the philosophy of McKean.

International Suites (Lawson Hall suites 66 & 67)

  1. I understand that I may live with people from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. I will strive to be culturally sensitive and take an interest in learning about others and understanding their cultures.
  2. I agree that I will try my best to participate in programs to help me get to know other cultures better. (Examples are Cross-Cultural Club, RA programs, etc.)
  3. I agree that I will give full respect to people from different cultures.
  4. I understand that the International Suite may have policies such as quiet hours in addition to general college policies. The residents of the suite will determine these policies.

Quiet Suites (Danforth Hall suites 60 & 61, Lawson Hall suites 55 & 65)

The Quiet Suites are designed to provide a quiet atmosphere for academic pursuits. Students who choose to live there should be extremely respectful of courtesy and quiet hours. At the start of the Fall semester, Quiet Suite residents will meet to decide on extending quiet hours, creating study groups, or other appropriate initiatives.

I understand the philosophy of the Quiet Suites and agree to help create a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to focused study.

Rooke Hall Apartments

  1. Each apartment shall have one representative who is a member of the Tenant's Council. Approved Tenant's Council decisions are binding on all residents.
  2. Apartment residents are responsible for removing trash from their apartment to the outside (of the building) and depositing it in the appropriate trash receptacle.
  3. Each apartment will be required to maintain the cleanliness of their own apartment with their own supplies. Apartments not maintained at a reasonable level will be cleaned at the expense of the resident(s). Apartments will be inspected on a regular basis.
  4. College furnishings may not be removed from the apartment.
  5. If a group loses an apartment member after Room Draw, the office of residential education will either assign a roommate to the apartment, or all apartment group members will be reassigned to another room on campus. The decision will be made at the sole discretion of the office of residential education.
  6. All apartment-mates share responsibility for violations of the Code of Community Responsibility occurring in their apartment. All residents of the apartment may lose the privilege of living in Rooke for violations within the apartment.
  7. All rules and regulations from the Code of Community Responsibility are in effect unless otherwise specified in this addendum.
  8. Each apartment group will meet at the beginning of each semester and during the semester as necessary to deal with apartment living issues (i.e. food, noise, guests, etc).

Off-Campus Apartments

Students assigned to one of the College's off-campus apartments will agree to the terms set forth in the Off-Campus Apartment Agreement.