new student orientation

2014 Orientation Leaders

Nneoma Aguguo

Major: Public Health
Hometown: Quincy, MA
"My favorite memory at CSC is meeting the great group of friends that I have today."

Stuart Aquadro

Major: Business
Hometown: Hadley, MA
"Representing Colby- Sawyer in my first swimming event."

Asra Batool

Major: Business
Hometown: Pakistan
"Playfair during orientaion'13."

Zach Bean

Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Scarborough, ME
"Playing for Colby-Sawyer Men's Basketball team and playing in front of our student body."

Karina Belberska

Major: Public Health
Hometown: Bulgaria
"Walking around the beautiful fall trees and watching soccer games."

Erin Bennett

Major: Creative Writing
Hometown: Saugus, MA
"One of my favorite memories of Colby-Sawyer is definitely the first time I went to one of CAB's Open Mic Nights at the Lodge. After seeing other students go up to the microphone and perform music and poetry, I was inspired to share my own work. To this day it is an event I always look forward to!"

Diana Campbell

Major: Exercise and Sports Science
Hometown: Kennebunk, ME
"One of my favorite memories at Colby-Sawyer College is when my whole pathway class, Nature and the Machine, hiked out past Kelsey Field, went off the walking path and found a spot to build a fort. It was hilarious and wonderful to spend time outside and with the first people I really met and got to know at Colby-Sawyer."

Bree Cummings

Major: Child Development Hometown: Hill, NH
"One of the best memories I have from CSC has to be when a bunch of my friends and I initiated a Prank War with a bunch of the girls in my dorm. It was such a blast, and I became really good friends with the girls because of it!"

Connor Delaney

Major: Biology
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
"Hearing the bell ring on Mountain Day and everyone screaming and being excited."

Sonia Diaz

Major: Biology Pre-Med
Hometown: Scarborough, ME
"My favorite memory about my time at CSC was attending the comedian show by Jessi Campbell. Great laughs and an amazing time with the people I care the most about!"

Shaina Driscoll

Major: Sociology
Hometown: South Burlington, VT
“My favorite memories at CSC are of spring time on campus. During the spring everyone is outside on the quad, with music bumping and students playing sports or sunbathing. It is so much fun!”

Aaron Dugan

Major: Health Care Management
Hometown: Grafton, NH
"Playing rugby on the quad."

Danielle Duhaime

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Temple, NH
"My favorite memory at Colby-Sawyer College is definitely when slam poet Carlos Andres Gomez came and performed. He brought me to tears, sent me into fits of giggles, and inspired me to write more poetry!"

Garrett Dunnells

Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Sunapee, NH

Katrina Fennelly

Major: Health Promotions Pre-Med
Hometown: Ellsworth, ME
"Sunny days on the quad with my Colby-Sawyer family."

Olivia Ferrin

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Keene, NH
"Creating Cookie For Your Thoughts with my best friend, Kate, and being able to create friendships, spread happiness, and create a positive weekly event that people look forward to.."

Michael Harte

Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Litchfield, NH
“Enjoying the fall at school with different events going on from Night on the Quad to Mountain Day welcoming us back to Colby-Sawyer."

Huong Hoang

Major: Communications/Media Studies
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
"Mountain Day is my favorite tradition of Colby-Sawyer. I enjoy hiking, making tie dye shirts, and hanging out with friends on the top of Mt. Kearsarge."

Matt Hunt

Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Milton, MA
"Hanging out on the quad when it gets nice out."

Keriann Inglin

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Milford, NJ
"Sitting out on the quad in the spring when everyone is enjoying the barbecue the cafe has, sitting the sun, and playing sports."

Meredyth Joly

Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Lisbon, CT
"My favorite memory about my time at CSC is when classes get canceled for Mountain Day and the entire college climbs Mount Kersarge. It is an experience that I will take with me forever because the connections I made with people on that day changed my life."

Sean Kelly

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Walpole, NH
"When the weather gets nice outside and everyone goes to the quad to hang out with friends."

Danielle Kostandin

Major: Child Development
Hometown: Windham, NH
"My favorite memory about being at CSC is the annual mountain day trip we take. I love being around all of my friends and this activity is so much fun to do with everyone. I also got involved with Zumba at CSC which is now my favorite way to exercise!"

Katie Krauss

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Milton, MA
"Winning the Women's Basketball NAC Championship my freshmen year.”

Caitlyn LeBlanc

Major: Public Health
Hometown: White River Junction, VT
"My favorite memory at CSC is my first college home rugby game freshman year!"

Emily LeBlanc

Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Cape Cod, MA
“I most definitely enjoyed my Orientation last year. It introduced me to so many amazing people and I was able to adjust to college life very quickly because of this."

Olivia MacDonald

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Salem, NH
"Being with friends outside on the quad whenever it's sunny!"

Marilyn Manos

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Wilmington, MA
"Though it may be cliche, my favorite memory here at CSC is definitely a tie between freshman orientation and Mountain Day. Both events were new and fun experiences that brought me together with some amazing people I will never forget."

Tucker Mayo

Major: Child Development
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
"Finding out at orientation how many people were nervous for college just like I was, but wanted nothing more than to make new friends and be successful."

Mae McCarthy-Tiella

Major: Health Promotion
Hometown: Henniker, NH
"My favorite memory about CSC has been finding truly amazing people who have brought wild laughter into my life."

Kathryn McGlashan

Major: Public Health
Hometown: Haverhill, MA
"My favorite memory is when the weather is warm out and everybody enjoys their day around campus."

Emily Nagle

Major: Child Development with Early Education
Hometown: South Boston, MA
"Playing Twister on the quad at night with my roommates."

Melinda Nystrand

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Nyköping, Sweden
"When spring (finally) comes around, the cafeteria moves lunch/dinner outside to the Quad, and everyone eats outside and enjoys the beautiful surroundings. It's the best time of the year!"

Ashli Ouellet

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Weare, NH
"Seeing everyone on the Quad when the weather warms up and being able to spend time outside with my friends.

Rachelle Pierre

Major: Public Health
Hometown: Novato, CA
"My favorite memory about my time at Colby-Sawyer College is the International Festival. It was amazing to learn about different cultures we have here at CSC."

Jameson Ploch

Major: History and Political Studies
Hometown: Old Town, ME
“My favorite memory about my time so far at Colby-Sawyer would be hanging out with my friends on the quad, it is such a social place and everyone loves to sit down and relax!”

Anthony Riso

Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Candia, NH
"My favorite memory involves the feeling of coming home to CSC every time I am away. In other words, my favorite memory is of going back to where memories are made."

Sara Roy

Major: Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
Hometown: Nashua, NH
"Volunteering at the Boston Marathon this year!"

Ziedakhon Saidova

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Osh, Kyrgyzstan
"My favorite memories about CSC are related to the tennis and going to the lakes with my friends."

Ulyssa Sanchez

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Chester, PA
“My favorite memory at Colby-Sawyer College would have to be the first time I experienced Mountain Day!"

Anjali Schutt

Major: Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
Hometown: Boston, MA
"My favorite memory are all the times hanging out on the quad with friends when the weather is nice!"

Avere Scurry

Major: Multidisciplinary Studies
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
"My favorite memory about my time at Colby-Sawyer College thus far would be the final orientation event in Hogan gym. All the OL's and staff stood at the doors in two lines clapping, cheering and yelling, clapping hands while students ran through holding hands. This event forced me forget everything else for a moment and just jump in. Jump in not only to the activity but to my college experience which is something most, if not all, freshmen fear. But I jumped in and I loved every bit of my experience here!"

Jesse Socci

Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Wilton, CT
"Going to the Boston Marathon with the ESS Majors Club and representing the Chargers in Track and Field!"

Van Son

Major: History, Society, & Culture
Hometown: Revere, MA
"Helping out in The Walk New London Diabetes Project. Seeing everybody walk was inspiring."

Kendall Stopa

Major: Business
Hometown: Foxboro, MA
"Going to NACA for CAB."

Vibhustuti Thapa

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
"Staying on campus during freshman spring break."

Michael Tillman

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
"There's nothing like a long day of classes and then ending your day on Burpee beach with friends. Gosh I love Burpee beach!"

Brandon Tobasky

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Needham, MA
" My favorite memory at Colby-Sawyer is my freshman orientation Karaoke Night. After being dared by my roommates to get up on stage in front of the freshman class, I sang my heart out to the popular tune "Twist And Shout." This really helped me break the ice and get into my comfort zone that first weekend at college!"

Brittany Venuti

Major: Exercise and Sport Sciences
Hometown: West Roxbury, MA
"The 80 degree spring day during my freshman year when everyone went outside on the quad to hang out and play sports. It was great having a blast with everyone together!"

Kate Vickery

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Keene, NH
"I love the warm days when all the students are hanging outside on the Quad. It's a great atmosphere to be in and the weather makes everyone in a great mood!"

Sarah Wiley

Major: Healthcare Management
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
"Being a part of our Campus Activities Board and helping put on different events on campus!"

Hannah Willcutt

Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Tilton, NH
"Being a member of both the Swim and Track team!"

Christi Wilson

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Sanford, ME
"My favorite memories at Colby-Sawyer College have been spending sunny days with friends on the quad outside!"