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Off-Campus College Properties

Cottage Lane Duplexes, Gray House, London House, Red House, White House and Yellow House

Off-Campus College Owned/Leased Housing allows for students to have more independence and is a great stepping stone to living outside of the college setting. Students are selected to reside in off-campus college owned/lease properties based on perceived maturity, decision making skills and independence. Students understand the expectations and responsibilities in living in these off-campus college owned properties and agree to behave with independence, maturity and respect for themselves and the greater community.


The standards published in the Code of Community Responsibility outline the conduct expected of community members on campus or in college owned or leased property and when engaged in activities that represent Colby-Sawyer College whether on or off campus.

Community Advisor Selection for 2015-2016

We're looking for 3 Student Staff Members to live in off-campus housing. Two will live in the Duplexes on Cottage Lane and one will live in an apartment on Seamans Road (Grey, White or Yellow House). Please review the CA Job Description 2015-2016 for more information about this position.

To apply for this position you must submit the following to Julie Crisafi Lynch by Wednesday February 18th, 2015:

Cover Letter

In your cover letter please address these questions:

  • Why are you interested in the Community Advisor (CA) position?

  • How has your background and experiences prepared you for the CA position?

  • What strengths and personal characteristics will you bring to the CA position?


Submit a resume outlining your work, leadership, and/or volunteer experience, activities, and education. Please provide the names of two professional references (employer, advisor, professor, etc.) on your resume.

Submit Application

Please combine your cover letter and resume into one document and e-mail it to Julie Crisafi Lynch. In this e-mail indicate if you are also applying for the on campus Resident Assistant position. (You are welcome to apply for both!)

Important Dates
Week of February 9th, 2015 CA Application Process Begins
Wednesday February 18th, 2015 CA Application Deadline
March 2-10, 2015 CA Interviews (As Needed)
By March 13, 2015 CA Notification Letters Sent Out


Contact Julie Crisafi Lynch, Parent & Community Partnerships Coordinator

Important Resources

2014-2015 Community Advisors

  • CA Job 2014-2015 Description
    A CA is available at the following locations and phone numbers:
  • Cottage Lane 42-002: 603.526.6355
  • Cottage Lane 68-002: 603.526.2142
  • Gray House, Front Apt 005: 603.526.2118

Selection Information

The Selection Process to live in Off-Campus Housing for the 2015-2016 Academic Year is still To Be Determined and could be different from the information provided below.


Contact Julie Crisafi Lynch, Parent & Community Partnerships Coordinator