code of community responsibility

Weapons, Firearms, Fireworks, Projectiles, Etc.

All deadly weapons and projectiles including:

  • firearms (loaded or unloaded);
  • ammunition;
  • fireworks, firecrackers, black powder or any other explosive devices;
  • knives*; swords, dirks, daggers, stilettos, switchblades, hatchets, machetes, and other bladed instruments;
  • archery and target practice equipment;
  • pellet guns, sling shots or other devices which propel a projectile; or other weapons
  • striking instruments including clubs, sling shots, truncheons, blackjacks and metal knuckles;
  • martial arts weapons including nunchakus, staffs and throwing stars; and
  • mace, OC, pepper spray and the like

are specifically prohibited from the residence halls and all college properties except as expressly permitted by written approval of the director of campus safety.

Any object that is used to harm, threaten, or intimidate will also be considered as a weapon.

Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the objects and conduct system action. Use or possession of any of these items could result in termination of a student's residence hall living privileges or suspension or dismissal from the institution. Depending on the weapon and the circumstances surrounding its discovery, the college may notify New London Police Department.

*Note: Although the college reserves the right to confiscate any sized knife on college property, individuals possessing knives with blades larger than 2.5 inches will face charges through the conduct system and may be referred to New London Police Department.

Policy revised July 2013 by the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education.

  • Students, faculty and staff must be able to feel safe to achieve academic and personal excellence and to appropriately conduct college business.

  • The misuse of the items listed above can have terrifying consequences to our living and learning community.

  • Though the college respects the right of students to own and use such objects, they have no place in our residential community and particularly in the residence halls.

  • Excellence
  • Interconnectedness
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship