code of community responsibility


The college is considered a non-smoking environment. Faculty, staff, students, and visitors should consider an area as non-smoking unless otherwise noted. Smoking is not permitted in the residence halls. Smokers may not smoke within 20 feet of any campus building.

In all cases the right of the nonsmoker to work in a smoke-free environment will take precedence over the smoker's desire to smoke.

Policy proposed for revision by the Student Government Association April 2008. Policy revised July 2013 by the vice president for student development and dean of students and the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education.

  • The dangers of second hand smoke have been well documented, even in those who are not asthmatic or prone to lung infections.

  • Having to pass through smoke to enter one's academic building or residence hall, or having smoke waft into open windows, is physically detrimental to individuals.

  • Respect
  • Stewardship