code of community responsibility


1. Overview

The College is committed to treating all individuals with dignity, care and respect. Any individual affected by sexual misconduct, whether as a complainant, a respondent, or a third party, will have equal access to support and counseling services through the College. The College recognizes that any individual involved in an incident of sexual misconduct may have questions and we encourage Colby-Sawyer community members to seek the support of campus and community resources. The College can provide guidance in making decisions, obtaining information about available resources, and assisting either party in the event that a report and/or resolution is pursued. Individuals are encouraged to use all available resources, regardless of whether the incident occurred recently or in the past.

Complainants, respondents and third parties can expect:

• The opportunity to meet with the Title IX Coordinator to answer questions regarding the College's complaint processes for students and employees.
• Notice of confidential resources, including health care and mental health counseling services, on campus and in the local community.
• Notice of the option to pursue law enforcement action and to be assisted by Colby-Sawyer College Campus Safety or other College officials in accessing and communicating with such authorities. This notice will include a discussion of the importance of the preservation of evidence.
• The opportunity to request that the College take steps to prevent unnecessary or unwelcome contact or communication with another member of the Colby-Sawyer community.
• The right to be free from retaliation. Any concerns of retaliatory behavior should be immediately reported to Campus Safety or the Title IX or Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

2. Confidential Resources and Support

The College encourages all Colby-Sawyer community members to report an incident of sexual misconduct. The College recognizes, however, that there are many barriers to reporting, both individual and societal, and not every individual will choose to make a formal report with the College or with local law enforcement. For those individuals who are not prepared to make a report, there are several confidential resources available for students, staff and faculty. Individuals seeking to talk to someone about an incident of sexual misconduct in a confidential manner without making a report to the College or triggering any investigation or action by the College may utilize the following confidential mental health resources. These resources hold a statutorily protected confidentiality that prohibits the release of an individual's information without that individual's express consent (except under limited circumstances that pose an imminent danger to the individual or to others.) The following resources are confidential:

Baird Health and Counseling Center
(603) 526-3621
Nurses and counselors are available during regular office hours. Counselors are also available on call after hours and can be reached through the Campus Safety Emergency Line.

For Employees:
Employee Assistance Plan
(800) 828-6025

Off Campus
Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire
The CCNH provides confidential crisis counseling 24 hours a day relating to rape or sexual assault via its 24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 227-5570

3. Campus Resources

In addition to the confidential resources listed above, all Colby-Sawyer community members have access to a variety of resources provided by the College that can provide crisis intervention services, counseling, academic support, and medical services. All of the staff and faculty listed below are trained to support individuals affected by sexual misconduct and to coordinate with the Title IX Coordinator consistent with the College's commitment to a safe and healthy educational environment. While not bound by confidentiality, these resources will nevertheless maintain the privacy of an individual's information within the limited circle of those involved in the Title IX resolution process.

Colby-Sawyer College Campus Safety
(603) 526-3300
Are available 24 hours a day.

Student Development Office
(603) 526-3758
Available during regular office hours and can assist with academic concerns, changes in housing or other accommodations and referrals to other resources.

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Citizenship Education
Robin Burroughs Davis (603) 526-3752
Is available during regular office hours for students interested in receiving information on filing a complaint through the college.

Title IX Coordinator
Doug Atkins
(603) 526-3880
Is available during regular office hours.

Title IX Deputy Coordinators
Are available during regular office hours.

Robin Burroughs Davis (students)
(603) 526-3752

Deb Taylor (faculty)
(603) 526-3760

Doug Atkins (staff, administration and visitors)
(413) 526-3880

Resident Assistants
RAs are students living in the residence halls who are employed by Residential Education and trained to refer students to campus resources.

4. Community Resources

Students, faculty and staff may also access resources located in the local community. These organizations can provide crisis intervention services, counseling, medical attention and assistance in interfacing with the criminal justice system. All individuals are encouraged to utilize the resources that are the best suited to their needs, whether on or off campus. In general, off-campus resources can provide assistance to individuals wishing to make a report to the College, but will not notify the College without the consent of the complainant. In addition to the resources listed above, a list of resources in the local community is provided in the Resources web page.