code of community responsibility


Should an investigation produce enough information to substantiate an allegation of sexual misconduct or sexual assault, the case will then be referred to a hearing body appointed by the associate dean of students or designee. Administrative hearings provide each party with an opportunity to present information regarding the incident. The hearing body, once it has heard all sides and questioned parties, including relevant witnesses, will make a determination of responsibility or non-responsibility based on a preponderance of evidence standard. The hearing body will notify the respondent, and the complainant of the outcome of the hearing. The respondent and complainant may appeal the decision of the hearing body within ten business days of written delivery of the outcome. Appeals are granted when there is a reasonable claim of new evidence likely to have a significant effect on the outcome of the hearing, evidence of procedural irregularity, and/or imposition of an inappropriate or excessive penalty. Disagreement with the finding and/or sanction of a hearing body is not a sufficient basis for appeal.


Should a student be found responsible for sexual misconduct or assault, sanctions could range from probation to permanent dismissal.