code of community responsibility


Colby-Sawyer College recognizes that educational institutions by their very nature are forums for the expression of differing views and opinions some of which, at times, may be offensive to members of our community. While the college values free expression, Colby-Sawyer seeks to create, support, and maintain a community in which all individuals are free of intimidation and harassment of any kind. All forms of harassment are violations of the Code of Community Responsibility.


Behavior that is persistent, extreme or outrageous and reasonably likely to cause harassment or intimidation is prohibited. Harassment is defined as intimidation, invasion of privacy, or any threat communicated verbally, physically, in writing, or through contact by telephone, computer, print media, or a third party that is targeted and intrudes upon the rights of others to work, learn and participate in curricular and co curricular pursuits. Two specific forms of harassment and the standards and protocols for addressing alleged violations are described in the following sections.

Sexual Harassment

Definition and examples including the abuse of Positions of Power and the creation of a Hostile Environment.

Civil Rights Harassment

Policies on Acts of Intolerance and Common Area Decoration Content.


Definitions and examples of stalking and cyber stalking.