code of community responsibility

Response Steps of Bias Related Protocol

Once a bias related incident has been reported to campus safety, the director of campus safety will notify the vice president and dean of students.

  1. The vice president and dean of students will convene a response team. This team will evaluate the known facts of the incident and determine a plan of action to address the incident and the community impact.

  2. The vice president and dean of students will send out a campus wide email message that:
    a. provides a brief description of the incident;
    b. lists any information about initial steps that have been taken to address the incident; and
    c. provides instructions about how t o report information about the incident (or related incidents).

  3. The response team may recommend some or all of the following:
    a. posting a counter message or sign that says “don't tolerate hate” where the graffiti or vandalism occurred;
    b. making “don't tolerate hate” buttons available for students, faculty, and staff to show support for/solidarity with the offended person or persons; or in some other way, communicating an affirmative message consistent with the values of the college community and expressing support for the target(s) of the bias incident;
    c. individual or group meetings with those who have been impacted by the incident;
    d. forums, trainings, or discussions about the impact of the incident on the community and steps the community can take to prevent like incidents; and/or
    e. informal resolution measures such as mediation, facilitated dialogues between parties if appropriate.

  4. The vice president and dean of students will keep a log of all bias related incidents including communications and responses related to each incident.

  5. To satisfy Clery hate crime requirements the college must report instances of the following crimes when they are motivated by bias (either perceived or real):

• Murder and Non-negligent manslaughter
• Forcible sex offenses
• Non-forcible sex offenses
• Robbery
• Aggravated assault
• Burglary
• Motor vehicle theft
• Arson
• Larceny-theft
• Simple assault
• Intimidation
• Destruction/damage/vandalism of property