code of community responsibility

Investigative Steps

  1. Campus safety will conduct an investigation into the incident. The investigation may include taking statements from any and all witnesses, collecting evidence, and taking photographs.

  2. If the incident is directed to a specific individual, that individual's privacy will be maintained to the extent possible. Every effort will be made to ensure that the individual's safety is protected. Persons may self- identify or remain anonymous. Anonymous reporting; however, may impact the college's ability to pursue appropriate action against the alleged perpetrator.

  3. If the safety and/or well-being of the complainant or the accused is in question, persons accused of harassment may be banned from certain residence halls or buildings, or suspended from the college pending the hearing.

  4. Any attempt by a person to intimidate, harass, or punish an individual who is bringing a complaint or involved in the hearing process, will result in disciplinary action.

  5. If a student or students are identified as alleged perpetrators, those students will be referred to the college's conduct system for a hearing. Any retaliatory action against a complainant, witness, or any member of the hearing process is a violation of the Code of Community Responsibility.