code of community responsibility

Hall Sports

Hallways and common areas of the residence halls are not intended to be used as athletic facilities. Physical sports (i.e., soccer, hockey, wrestling, football, lacrosse, running, hacky sack, ball bouncing, etc.) when played in a closed environment, are disruptive to others and potentially damaging to property as well as personal safety; therefore, they are prohibited within the residence halls.

Policy revised July 2013 by the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education.

  • Students should be able to expect a reasonable level of safety and peace in the residence halls; again, students have primary rights to sleep, study, and have solitude.

  • Humans are social and active creatures and the residence halls do not provide the space to allow for this level of activity without the propensity for disruption and damage.

  • Interconnectedness
  • Stewardship