code of community responsibility

Fire Safety Inspections

Fire safety inspections will be conducted by the Departments of Campus Safety and Residential Education each semester. Inspections generally occur at hall closings (Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break). Students will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the inspection. Inspections will record any violation of the Fire Safety regulations, and students will be advised in writing of the violations and the appropriate sanctions.

Fire Safety Equipment

Damage to fire safety equipment or any use other than the intended purpose will result in a fine, assessment of replacement or repair costs, and/or disciplinary action.

Procedures for Residential Education Fire Safety Inspections

Resident Assistant/Area Coordinator Role
  1. Residential Education staff member sees policy violation on rounds, in conversation, or as part of fire safety inspections.
  2. If the staff member notices policy violation and resident(s) is present,
    a. The staff member points out to resident the item(s) that are violations and reminds resident of/educates resident about the specific policy;
    b. The staff member follows up with residents of the room via email documenting what the staff member saw and any conversation the staff member had with a resident and which resident was present at the time; staff member emails documentation to all room residents;
    c. The staff member cc's appropriate Area Coordinator; and
    d. The staff member sends documentation to email address.
  3. If a staff member notices policy violation and residents are not present,
    a. The staff member sends detailed email to the residents documenting what the staff member saw (specific items and location that are in violation), and reminds residents of/educates residents about the specific policy;
    b. The staff member makes clear in the email that the policy violation is documented and will be forwarded on to;
    c. The staff member cc's appropriate Area Coordinator on the email;
    d. The staff member checks in with residents personally within the next 48-72 hours to see if there are any questions (if violation occurs during a “shutdown” period, staff member will follow up within 48 hours of reopening/return); and
    e. The staff member sends documentation to email address.

Citizenship Education Role

Once the documentation has been sent to,
1. a fire violation letter will be generated and printed for the Area Coordinator to sign;
2. the policy violation entered into the database; and
3. the letter will be sent via campus mail and any follow up, including failure to comply notifications and billing will be processed via Citizenship Education.

Area Coordinator Role
  1. Should there be any questions or concerns about the fire safety violation from either the resident or the resident assistant, they will be forwarded to and addressed by the Area Coordinator.
  2. Otherwise, the Area Coordinator's role is to sign the violation letter.

Policy revised May 2014 by the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education.

  • Though the college respects a student's free expression and right to decorate the student's room, we must balance that with the higher priority of student safety.

  • In order to protect us and our buildings and property, safety equipment must be maintained and evacuation procedures followed properly.

  • Interconnectedness
  • Stewardship