code of community responsibility

Decorations and Displays

Highly combustible materials used for decorations and displays present a serious fire hazard. In order to prevent fires, the following safety standards are applicable:

Student Room Decorations

Lighted candles and other glowing/flaming devices such as incense burners and incense are prohibited in student rooms. Candles with indications of use are prohibited in student rooms. Strung lights with bare bulbs may not be hung on walls, around doors or windows. Flammable material must be kept away from the radiators. Nothing may be hung from or may cover ceilings, smoke detectors, conduit cables, light fixtures, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler heads, or electrical outlets. Some third floor rooms have slanted ceilings; if students place their beds beneath these slants then they are not to hang decorations from the slants as the slants are considered ceilings. Material may not hang down into the doorway for decoration (e.g. beads). Displays may not be erected in a manner which blocks or obstructs an exit.

Common Area Decorations

Decorations are prohibited in stairwells, and on all ceilings. Any decoration hung on walls or doors in hallways, bathrooms, living rooms or other common areas must be attached flat to the surface. Christmas trees must be artificial, and all lights must be unplugged when unattended. Fires are not permitted in residence hall fireplaces.

Policy revised July 2013 by the vice president for student development and dean of students and the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education.

  • Though the college respects a student's free expression and right to decorate the student's room, we must balance that with the higher priority of student safety.

  • In order to protect us and our buildings and property, safety equipment must be maintained and evacuation procedures followed properly.

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