code of community responsibility

Record Release Policy

Colby-Sawyer College releases education records in the form of grade reports to the parents or guardians of dependent students (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code). Students over 18 years of age and independent who wish their education records released to parents or guardians must sign a waiver form made available by the academic dean. Such waivers must be signed each academic year. Annually, the academic dean will provide all students with a form asking them if they are dependent or independent, and for the correct names and addresses to which grade reports should be sent.

Student Conduct Record Retention and Release Policy

Conduct records are kept in the student development office. Records of minor disciplinary action are kept on file for as long as the student is enrolled at the college. Records of major disciplinary action are destroyed seven years from the date of the student's separation from the college. The records of a student who has been suspended or dismissed from the college are maintained permanently.

Colby-Sawyer College reserves the right to contact parents of underage students who are involved in alcohol or drug violations and of dependent students whose conduct may result in temporary or permanent removal from the residence halls or separation from the institution.

Policy reviewed July 2013. Questions about this policy should be directed to the college's registrar. Questions about student conduct policies should be directed to the citizenship education office.

  • The college supports the federal government's efforts to balance student privacy with the need of certain college officials and other agencies for certain information so they can assist our students.
  • Integrity