code of community responsibility

Damage and Vandalism

Intentional or reckless involvement in behavior which results in, or presents a strong probability of damage, destruction of college property or that of another is strictly prohibited. Individuals may also be charged with Disorderly Conduct or Disruption if the operation of the college is affected as a result of the vandalism. Examples of this would include interruption or impairment of public communication, transportation, supply of water, gas, power, etc., or other public services.

Assessment Protocol

When the individual(s) responsible for damage, vandalism, or violations of regulations cannot be identified, charges for repair or replacement and/or fine(s) will be prorated among the students in that living unit or residence hall and posted on a monthly basis.

A college deposit is required from all students. This deposit is kept by the business office as long as the student remains at the college. When the student vacates the room at the end of each academic semester or year, a final inspection is done to identify any damage that may have occurred. The student will be billed for damage, missing furniture, movement of college furniture, removal or storage of personal belongings, failure to vacate in a timely fashion, failure to return keys, or failure to leave the room reasonably clean. The college deposit will be returned to the student in due course following the student's departure from the college minus the amount of any unpaid charges levied upon written request.

Residence Hall Damage/Repair Charges

Students will be held financially responsible for damage beyond normal wear and tear. All charges for residence hall damage will be done on a cost-plus basis when work is completed. When actual cost is not available, an estimate will be provided. Any damage created by an act of vandalism or other policy violation will also have disciplinary sanctions attached. In addition to the cost of repairs, fines may be assessed for damage to fire and safety equipment, alarms, etc. All fines or charges for damage or vandalism will appear on a statement from the Business Office.

Policy revised July 2013 by the associate dean of students and director of citizenship education. Questions about Assessment Protocol or Damage/Repair Charges should be directed to the Department of Residential Education.

  • Individuals should be able to expect reasonable safety and care for their personal property; the college has the same expectation for college property. Repairing or replacing an item due to vandalism or recklessness creates an unnecessary inconvenience and cost for everyone.

  • Community members are expected to respect the property of others.

  • Students are expected to maintain their assigned room and its furnishings and residence hall public areas in the same condition in which they were found.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship