the co-curricular transcript

What is it?

Are you really involved here at Colby-Sawyer? Do you attend so many meetings and participate in so many activities that you can't keep track of them all the time? Well, the Co-Curricular Transcript is your opportunity to create a personalized record of these activities. The Dean of Students office maintains the Co-Curricular Transcript. This transcript enables you to:

  • chart your developmental growth through college experiences
  • validate your co-curricular activities
  • complement your academic transcript
  • document and chart career path experiences
  • support scholarship and award applications

Through involvement in co-curricular experiences, you gain transferable skills that can be applied to many areas outside of the college setting. As a verifiable college document, the Co-Curricular Transcript can be used to support your search for summer employment, internships, graduate school, or a job after you graduate. Creating your Co-Curricular Transcript should be an on-going process during your years at Colby-Sawyer. If you begin your Co-Curricular Transcript your first semester at Colby-Sawyer, it will provide a more complete record of your involvement and development as a college student.

How do I get started?

Each semester, the Dean of Students Office sends reporting forms to all clubs and organizations. These forms ask officers to report the names of the members and officers in their club. When these forms are returned to the Dean of Students Office the information is then added to all reported students' Co-Curricular Transcripts. The first time your name is reported as a member or officer of a club or organization here at Colby-Sawyer, your Co-Curricular Transcript is created! So, check with the officers of the clubs and organizations you belong to and make sure that they are accurately completing and returning the forms they receive.