student government association officers

These are the people you want to talk to when you have a concern or question. They are your elected officials!

President, Bernard Botcwhay - Class of 2015
Vice President, Brandon Tobasky - Class of 2015
Secretary, Rebecca Hashem - Class of 2016
Treasurer, Prithul Karki - Class of 2017
Off Campus Senator, Anh Duong - Class of 2016
Off Campus Senator, Nam Le - Class of 2017
Senator, Rahul Awale - Class of 2017
Senator, Nischal Banskota - Class of 2015
Senator, Gabby Bekele - Class of 2016
Senator, Aaron Dupuis - Class of 2016
Senator, Shrisha Maskey - Class of 2017
Senator, Nawaraj Shahi - Class of 2017
Senator, Jesse Socci - Class of 2015
Senator, Semaj Spence - Class of 2017
Senator, Ella Tekle - Class of 2016
Senator, Binyam Yilma - Class of 2016

If you have questions regarding the Student Government Association, please contact:


Robin Burroughs Davis, Associate Dean of Students and advisor to the Student Government Association.