This is the committee that funds the activities of recognized clubs and organizations. The committee is chaired by the SGA Treasurer and is comprised of members of the Senate Advisory Committee. Only clubs that have been approved by the Student Government Association and have been active for at least one semester will be allowed to attend allocations each April.

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Senate Allocations Committee Announcements

*Recognized clubs and organizations who wish to seek funding for relevant conferences may pick up a conference funding form from the Campus Activities Office. Completed forms will be reviewed by the Allocations Committee, which is convened on an "as needed" basis.

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Senate Allocations Committee Policies

There are three things each club must complete in order to attend allocations: a Funding Request Form (on each Club Treasurer's disk), a Spring Follow-Up Budget Form (on each Club Treasurer's disk), and a justification list as to why the club is asking for money. All forms must be completed, signed and turned in to the SGA Treasurer before the designated deadline. Each club will receive information through campus mail as to when allocations will be held and what the deadline for application is. The treasurer of each club must also come to the Campus Activities Office and sign up for a hearing time. Both the president and treasurer are encouraged to attend the allocations hearing.

At the allocation hearing the club will be informed as to when the allocations will be decided, and when they will be informed as to how much money the club received. In order to have the money transferred into a club's account, the club treasurer needs to file an End of the Year Report (on each Club Treasurer's disk) with the Campus Activities Office.

Funding Request Form:
Each club treasurer will need to completely fill out the top of this form on the Club Treasurer's disk. The Club Treasurer computer program will have already entered all existing line items for the club. The club treasurer just needs to write in the amount the club wishes to receive for each line item. If a club is not requesting money for a pre-existing line item, a zero should be placed in that column. The numbers recorded on this form will automatically transfer to the appropriate column on the club's Spring Follow-Up Budget Form.

If a club would like to request money for a new line item that does not currently exist, the club treasurer must first create the new line item. To create a new line item, go back to the line item worksheets and use the next available worksheet. Name it and then record the name of the new line item on line B3 of the new worksheet. Once this is done the Club Treasurer Computer Program will add the new line item to your Funding Request Form automatically.

Spring Follow-Up Budget Form:
If a club has held elections for the next year's officers, please put the new officers on this form. It is very important that a summer address and phone number be given for the club president. If the club president is not available in the summer, please put in the treasurer or some other officer who can be reached over the summer to answer questions and receive mail for the club.

On the Spring Follow-Up Budget Form, record all expenses that the club has made and any income it has received since January 1st. Make sure the club printout from the Business Office to corresponds with the figures on this form. It is important that the information on this form be accurate for allocations.

Justification List:
Each club must type up a sheet justifying their requests. This should be done by line item in the order that they appear on your Funding Request Form. Please be brief but specific as to why the club is asking for money. This document is very important when the Senate Allocations Committee is trying to decide whether or not to fund a specific line item. Please be advised, the Senate Allocations Committee will not fund the following items:

  • Club banquets
  • Club newsletters
  • Club fundraising efforts
  • Club dues for local, regional, or national societies or organizations
  • Club advertising in off-campus publications

Clubs in good standing may apply for a loan, through the Campus Activities Office, to launch fundraising activities. These groups may also seek approval from the Campus Activities Office to submit club advertisements for inclusion in the weekly "Happenings on the Hill" section of the Kearsarge Shopper. Clubs may choose to use the monies that they fundraise to support the remaining activities that the Senate Allocations Committee will not fund (banquets, newsletters, and dues).

Appealing a Senate Allocations Committee recommended allocation:
Appeals will only be heard if there is new information to be brought forward. All justified appeals will be heard by the Executive Council. As the Senate Allocations Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Council, he/she may not participate in the final vote. Each Allocations Committee recommendation may only be appealed once.

Following the notification of the results of the Senate Allocations Committee hearings, a written appeal must be registered with the identified person by the stated deadline. This deadline will be stated in the allocations award letter sent out by the Senate Allocations Committee Chair.

The Chair of the Senate Allocations Committee will inform the representatives of all organizations as to whether or not their appeal will be heard. If the appeal will be heard, the Senate Allocations Committee Chair will also inform the representatives of the time and place of the appeal hearing.

If the representatives are not able to attend the appeal hearing, the written appeal statement may be used in place of personal testimony.

During the hearing all members of the Executive Council will be provided with a copy of the written appeal and a copy of the letter sent to the organization outlining their requests and any reasons behind changes in the allocation recommendation. The organization representative will first be allowed to present any new information that could potentially impact the recommended allocation. Following their testimony, the members of the Executive Council will be allowed to ask questions pertaining to the matter being discussed. After the questions have been answered, the Chair of the Senate Allocations Committee will explain the reasons behind the Allocations Committee decisions and answer any questions the Executive Council may have.

After the testimony of both parties has been heard, the parties will be asked to leave the room. As a member of the Executive Council, the Chair of the Senate Allocations Committee may stay, but she/he may not speak during the deliberation.

The members of the Senate Allocations Committee and the representative(s) of the organization will be notified of the results in writing from either the SGA President or Vice-President.

A copy of the written appeal and the written explanation will be kept in the Senate Allocations Committee file for that organization as well as in that organization's file in the Campus Activities Office.