student clubs and organizations

Students are the ones that make things happen at Colby-Sawyer by participating in and collaborating with faculty, staff, and other students in the development of a wide variety of activities around campus. Many of these activities are connected with a specific club or organization. The following is a list of clubs and organizations and their purpose statements. Many of the clubs have their own web pages that you can look at to find out more about a particular club's activities.

Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society, Colby-Sawyer College New Hampshire Alpha Chapter.

Alpha Chi is a national honor society that promotes academic excellence and exemplary character among college and university students. Its name derives from the initials of the Greek words ALETHEIA (truth) and CAPAKTHP (character).

American Sign Language Club

Do you know sign language? Are you interested in learning more about sign language? Then the American Sign Language Club might be a right (good) fit for you. The main goal of the club is to familiarize members with the language. The club focuses on the basics of the language communication, for instance food, sports, etc. This is to make the campus and the community friendlier toward people with speech differences. The club is also involved in raising funds for charities that aid children with speech and hearing challenges. For more information contact the club's advisor: Prof. Lynn Garrioch, Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Education

Anime Club

The purpose of this organization is to view samples of anime (Japanese Animation) received from various companies, to showcase projects made by club members and to hold intelligent conversations about themes of anime and manga (Japanese graphic novels).

Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training club exists to build a sense of community amongst the Athletic Training students and to promote athletic events around the campus and in the surrounding community. The club also helps with professional development of members especially in the occupational field of athletic training. The group is involved in various athletic events on campus including but not limited to collegiate sports and intramural events. The legendary 5K run is also in the arena of the club. The club is open to all students regardless of majors. The Athletic Training Club meets regularly during the academic year. for more information Contact Prof. Clinical Assistant Professor, Exercise and Sport Sciences

Biology Majors Club

No doubt about it, the natural world is absolutely amazing. From the beautiful simplicity of a spider's web to the incomprehensible complexity of the human brain, there is more to observe and understand than one person could achieve in 6.02 x 10(23) lifetimes! But the Biology Majors Club can help you get the most out of this life by adding an exciting element to your undergraduate experience.

Most importantly, THIS CLUB IS NOT EXCLUSIVELY FOR BIOLOGY MAJORS! We encourage every student who has a desire to investigate the wonder and beauty of the natural world to be an active member.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is a fun organization of enthusiastic and energetic students. Through collaboration, teamwork and dedication, CAB provides entertainment and educational programs to the Colby-Sawyer College community as well as the community at large.

Child Development Majors Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities to members and others to learn about the educational profession which will be done through resources such as sharing experiences of it's members, the experiences of the professors and members of the area school systems.

Class Boards

Each class has a set of officers that are elected each spring. The classes do a variety of projects throughout the academic year. Some of these projects are community service based and others are done to raise funds for the class.

Community Service Club

The purpose of this organization is to involve college students in service to the community. In doing so, not only provide important services but to infuse service as an important part of people's lives.

Cooking Club

Love food, love to cook, enjoy talking about food? Then the cooking club is right for you. The club brings lovers of culinary delights together, not only to relish and critique food tastes and methodologies, but also to educate on the nutritional value of foods. The multicultural and international make-up of the club means you will experience aromas and recipes planet wide. The club meets at least four times a month, generally once weekly. For more information email Prof. Randy Hanson, Professor of Social Sciences and Education

Cross Cultural Club

The Cross Cultural Club is a group of International and American students who are interested in meeting people from other cultures and learning from each other. We host several dinners in homes off-campus, attend cultural events, and organize campus activities that expose students to other cultures. Our biggest event is International Night in April. Anyone is welcome to join. For more information, email Cindy Benson, International Student Advisor, or call (603) 526-3714 or (603) 526-3719.

Crossroads Christian Fellowship

The Colby-Sawyer Christian Fellowship meets weekly for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. Other activities include: involvement with local churches; attending conferences, concerts, speakers and other events off campus; promoting concerts, speakers and bible studies on campus; and just spending time together for encouragement, support, and friendship. Community service opportunities include working with the local Young Life Organization.

For more information, email Cindy Benson, Advisor.

CSC Model United Nations

The United Nations is a global organization that seeks to promote global peace, unity and development. The CSC Model UN aims to advance these goals on our campus and in our general vicinity. With lectures, trips and Model UN conferences, the club serves as a platform for students to gain knowledge on global and local issues as well as acquire skills on negotiation and teamwork. The group is a member of the Global Model UN and affiliated with the UNICEF Action Program. The group meets at least once weekly and as needed. For more information contact Prof. Randy Hanson, Professor of Social Sciences and Education or visit the facebook page at .

CSC Players

This organization gives students an opportunity to be involved with theatrical productions on a non-exclusive level (meaning that all students who want to be involved are able to be involved). The Colby-Sawyer Players will provide the campus community with a small-scale theatrical production each year in either the fall or spring semester. The organization provides students with the opportunity to discuss theatre with other students who appreciate the performing arts; therefore, promoting theatre appreciation across campus.

Dance Club

The Colby-Sawyer College Dance club provides students with the opportunity to further their creative energies through the art form of dance.

This club is a student run organization, which produces two shows, "An Evening of Dance" in the fall and "Expressions of Dance" in the spring. A variety of styles and techniques are showcased from Classical Ballet to Hip Hop and Jazz. Students, as well as many alumni and other sources, choreograph the dances.


Enactus, formerly known as Students in Free Enterprise, is an international organization with a “head for business and a heart for the world” that brings student leaders together to compete and hone their skills while creating a better world through the positive power of business.

Exercise and Sport Sciences Majors Club

The Exercise and Sport Science Majors Club was created to further enhance the educational development of students who are majoring in Exercise and Sport Science (Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Sports Management). The club's mission is to provide opportunities for every student in the major to gain educational experience. This club was initiated to provide experiences, such as attending conferences, having speakers, and sponsoring functions that interests students in all three areas.


The purpose of this organization is to improve the surrounding community through design and provide Colby-Sawyer Graphic Design students with artistic growth and career building.

Guild of Artistic Thinkers (GOAT)

The purpose of this organization is to bring together students that are interested in art, collaborate and offer new ideas in an art-based context.

Health Professions Association (HPA)

The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness, provide resources, and assist in career exploration of the professional health care field for students after they leave Colby-Sawyer College. The goals of the association are to convey career information, network with other pre-professional student groups, host opportunities, and provide job shadowing and volunteer opportunities.

Health Studies Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote cohesion in the new major, share ideas for research and internships, make the major more visible, promote values of health and wellness, and inform the college community of health policies that affect them.

Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of volunteers dedicated to protecting home town from all kinds of public health emergencies. It is a Federal organization sponsored by the Office of the Surgeon General, Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps. In affiliation with Greater Sullivan County MRC, the MRC Club at Colby-Sawyer College is to prepare the prospective student MRC volunteers for public health emergency response and education. We serve persons in the New London area as well as the CSC community to engage in activities that promote and protect their health and well-being. For more information visit

National Residence Hall Honorary

We are the recognizing student organization here at Colby-Sawyer College promoting leadership, scholastic, and service. The purpose of this organization shall be designed to give local, regional, and national recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their residence halls. Additionally, this organization will make efforts to create programs to emphasize the recognition, academics, and service of students on campus. Visit our Facebook page at

Residence Hall Association

In order to establish a representative voice for the residents of Colby-Sawyer College including active participation in the development of residential policies, and in order to foster a sense of community in residence halls and in the Colby-Sawyer College community as a whole, and to encourage active leadership among residents, the residents of Colby-Sawyer College hereby establish the Residence Hall Association of Colby-Sawyer College. Visit us on Facebook at

Philosophy Club

To think, to ponder, to talk and interact over the philosophical issues that confronted our world in ages past, now and possibly in the future. The club organizes various events that give students, faculty and the occasional guest speaker opportunities to interact and barter ideas on some popular topics on ethics, peace and so much more. The group welcomes new members and visitors at all times. The club feels that, to join or not to join is not the question. The group meets regularly throughout the semester. If this tickles your fancy you can contact Prof. Craig Greenman, Associate Professor, Humanities

Psychology Club

The Psychology club shall provide an opportunity for those individuals interested in psychology to meet as a group and engage in activities related to the field of Psychology.

Safe Zones

The purpose of this organization is to promote a safe haven for gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual and transgender members of the community. The goal is to let people know that they can be themselves without fear of harassment or physical violence against them. The organization sponsors both passive and interactive programs to educate the community about different sexual orientations, homophobia, tolerance and unity the community.


The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Additionally, this club is committed to fundraising for non-profit agencies dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence accross the state of New Hampshire.

Sawyer Playwrights

The purpose of this organization is to promote the craft of script writing. Additionally, this organization hosts SNAFU, an annual production of student, faculty and staff written skits.

Students Affirming Gender Equality (SAGE)

The purpose of this organization is to encourage discussions of gender issues on campus, work towards improving gender equality on and off campus, and host cultural events related to gender issues.

Sustainability Core

This organization encourages student activism and active participation in the advocation for and the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices on the Colby-Sawyer College campus. In the opinion of this organization, the college has taken great steps toward making our campus a greener living and working space; however, students can and should contribute. Therefore, this organization provides students with the opportunity to play a much larger role in the implementation of sustainability practices on campus.

Student Government Association

Do you want to be heard on this campus? Do you want to make a difference? Well the Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary vehicle for all students at Colby-Sawyer to get involved with the governance of the College. Every enrolled student is welcome to participate in the Student Government Association (SGA).

Student Nurses Association

The purpose of this organization isto lead student nurses to be able to accomplish goals and be to advocates for themselves and others. SNA is also involved with community service and educational projects.

Voices of CSC

The purpose of this organization is to minister and witness the love of Jesus Christ through song. Our choice of music is contemporary gospel.

Word Order

It is out of respect and love for words that the Word Order Club exists. This is a literary group that meets to celebrate the beauty of poetry, prose and all forms of literary construction. Word Order, in conjunction with the college's literary magazine Solidus organizes poetry readings, literary competitions and much more. The club is open not only to English and Creative writing majors but also to all curious minds and lovers of words.To learn more about this club you can contact Prof. Michael Jauchen, Assistant Professor, Humanities.