class boards

There are four Class Boards, one for each matriculating class. The purpose of these organizations is to promote class unity and communicate with the students in their class; address class issues when appropriate or bring those issues to representatives of the Student Government Association if necessary; plan and implement activities for their class; and initiate fundraising activities to support class programming; fill vacancies of Student Government Association Senators of the appropriate class.

Membership in the Class Boards is open to all Colby-Sawyer students. Anyone who wishes to participate in their Class Board may do so.

Class Board Officers

Class Boards are led by a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The duties of the class president are:
• call and preside over a minimum of two class meetings per semester;
• organize and implement class activities; and
• attend at least one SGA meeting per month or designate another class board officer to attend.

The duties of the class vice president are:
• organize class activities and coordinate fundraising activities;
• assist the president; and
• act on president's behalf in his/her absence.

The duties of the class secretary are:
• take minutes at class meetings;
• publicize all class meetings, events, and minutes.

The duties of the class treasurer are:
• maintain all class finances;
• prepare and present the class allocations request each spring.


Elections for Class Board Officers occur in April. Officers must run for office every year. Special elections are held in the fall for the entering class.

Class Board Officers for 2014-15

Brandon Tobasky, President Class of 2015
Jennifer Cookingham, Vice President Class of 2015
Emmanuello Carrenard, Secretary Class of 2015
Najwan Ismail, Treasurer Class of 2015

Wol Majong, President Class of 2016
Atetegeb (Gabby)Bekele, Vice President Class of 2016
Anita Paniagua, Secretary Class of 2016
Anh Duong, Treasurer Class of 2016

Prakrit Nepal, President Class of 2017
Mardia Cooper, Vice President Class of 2017
Jaclyn Cinelli, Secretary Class of 2017
Rahul Awale, Treasurer Class of 2017

Kevin Richardson, President Class of 2018
Benjamin Maines, Vice President Class of 2018
Jacintha Jackson, Secretary Class of 2018
Jakob Murtaugh, Treasurer Class of 2018


If you would like more information about Class Boards, please contact Robin Burroughs Davis, Associate Dean of Students. Students can find out more information including the Class Boards Constitution, class goals and activities on each Class Board's my.colby-sawyer site.