conduct system

The Citizenship Education Office at Colby-Sawyer College is committed to educating students regarding their rights and responsibilities as community members. As community members, we are accountable to each other and ourselves. One way the college teaches student responsibility is by holding individuals accountable for their behavior.

The Code of Community Responsibility

Colby-Sawyer College's standards for student conduct is called the Code of Community Responsibility. Colby-Sawyer community members are expected to be familiar with their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Code of Community Responsibility. The Conduct System contains information related to students' rights, guidelines involving possible conduct violations, and sanctions that can be imposed. It is in each student's best interest to read both the Code of Community Responsibility and the Conduct System.

If after reading these pages, you have questions about the Conduct System, please email Robin Burroughs Davis, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Citizenship Education.

Conduct System Purpose/Jurisdiction

Conduct Process

Hearing Bodies + Order of Hearings