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Step UP CSC! – Bystander Resources

Step UP CSC! is a bystander intervention program. The interactive trainings is about an hour and a half and includes an overview of barriers to intervention and strategies to empower community members to step UP! and help as well as a discussion of different scenarios and strategies for effective intervention.

Step UP! Was developed over a two year process at the University of Arizona after a pilot study showed up to: 88% of students studies believed problems could be avoided with intervention, 99% believed something should be done to intervene in a problem, 85% wanted to learn intervention skills. This program was developed with input by experts across the country and tested and tweaked to respond to feedback and suggestions.

Step UP CSC! trains students in:

The 5 decision making steps:
1. Notice the Event
2. Interpret the Event as a Problem
3. Assume Personal Responsibility
4. Know How to Help
5. Implement the Help – Step UP!

The SEE Model of Intervention:
1. Safe
2. Early
3. Effective

For more information about Step UP CSC!, contact Robin Burroughs Davis, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Citizenship Education.