The Office of Citizenship Education conducts town-meeting-style discussions with information provided by the National Issues Forum. The format of the discussions is:

  1. Participants complete a "pre-test" to help them identify and clarify their stance on the topic.

  2. A video outlines the issue and three choices with the positive and negative outcomes of each choice.

  3. Viewers then discuss the issue and choices.

  4. Viewers determine what points they can agree to and where they diverge.

The meeting style helps participants to discuss "hot" social topics with civility and respect. Participants can see how others make decisions about these issues and that, for many, the fundamental differences in opinions are not as great as may have been perceived.

Currently, the Office of Citizenship Education facilitates discussions on the following topics:

*The $4 Trillion Debt:--Tough Choices About Soaring Federal Deficits

*The Boundaries of Free Speech -- How Free is Too Free?

*Criminal Violence-- What Direction Now for the War on Crime?

*Environmental Protection -- A Challenge Bigger Than All Outdoors

*How Can We Be Fair? -- The Future of Affirmative Action

*Illegal Drugs -- What Should We Do Now?

*Kids Who Commit Crimes -- What Should Be Done About Juvenile Violence?

For more information about this or other programs offered by citizenship education, please contact Robin Burroughs Davis, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Citizenship Education.