My Colby-Sawyer Experience

I have learned the importance of understanding nature in creating manmade landscapes and how art involves politics, business, and economics, in addition to providing beauty and inspiration.
Jennifer Sullivan,
Business Administration


Internships are field experiences designed to provide a student learning opportunity under collaborative supervision between Colby-Sawyer College faculty, staff, and work site professionals. Internships offer the opportunity for students to enhance their academic programs with work experience related to career interests in all industry areas in national and international settings.

All students are required to complete at least one internship but opportunities exist for two or more internships for students who want to gain significant hands-on experience. Programs in education, athletic training and nursing have specific certification and accreditation requirements and related information can be found in each department.

myHarringtonCenter: Resources/Directions/Sites

  1. Notify Your Academic Advisor
    a. Meet with your academic advisor & notify them of your plan to do an internship the upcoming semester(s)

  2. Pre-Internship Seminar
    Moodle (type in pre-internship seminar in the search field; enroll in course)
    a. Must receive at least a 28 out of 31 on the multiple-choice quiz
    b. Must complete this before contacting any sites!

  3. Post Resume in College Central Network
    myHarringtonCenter to College Central Network
    a. Register on College Central Network with your ID # (000##### )
    b. Upload a resume

  4. Intent Form
    myHarringtonCenter to Internships to myInternships
    a. Add an electronic Intent Form
    b. Semester: Select the correct term of internship (i.e. Spring 2014)
    c. Course: XXX285 or XXX485 (i.e. BUS285, COM485)

DEADLINE: November 9th (Spring Interns)
April 3rd (Summer/Fall Interns)

  1. Learning Contract
    myHarringtonCenter to Internships to myInternships
    a. Add an electronic Learning Contract
    b. Email PDF of Employer Contract to internship site supervisor
    c. Email faculty sponsor to obtain internship syllabus
    d. Upload completed Employer Contract to Learning Contract Documents
    e. Upload syllabus to Learning Contract Documents
    (myInternships, Learning Contract Documents)

DEADLINE: December 1st (Spring Interns)
May 1st (Summer/Fall Interns)

Contact: Jen Tockman, Internship Coordinator or (603) 526-3765
Harrington Center Walk-in Hours: Monday-Thursday, 1-4pm