My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“My Capstone experience allowed me to ask questions that have not yet been answered and actively engage in finding answers to them.”
Evelina Simanonyte, Psychology major


FOCUS-V2 is a self-paced, online career and education planning tool for use by college students. It will enable you to self-assess your career relevant personal qualities and explore career fields and major areas of student that are most compatible with your assessment results. Students who use FOCUS-V2 make better decisions about their goals and plans and learn how to self-manage their careers.

Why Use FOCUS-V2? Career planning with FOCUS-V2 leads to the following advantages for students:
While in college:
- More goal focused and motivate
- Higher academic achievement
- Fewer transfers and switching of majors
- Easier time choosing internships
- Graduate on time

After Graduation:
- Better entry job with higher income
- More satisfied, more productive in their career
- Less career change, faster advancement

To create your personal account in FOCUS-V2:
- Click on the FOCUS link below
- Select "if you need to create new account, click here."
- Enter the following Access Code: csc

Your access code to FOCUS is : csc
You should only create a new user account once on the self registration page. Then simply enter your personal username and password in the space provided to login whenever you want to use FOCUS.