My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“The lasting value of my Capstone will be the knowledge and experience I gained in supporting such growth and development in my students through the project.”
Courtney Bodine, Graphic Design major

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement: The mission of the Harrington Center for Career and Academic Advising is to provide educational opportunities and services to the Colby-Sawyer community. These services are designed to develop professional skills, promote life-long learning, and encourage leadership and humanitarian contributions to society through experiential learning, self-understanding, and reflection.

Philosophy: We teach career development skills and provide the necessary resources and support to enable our students to secure employment, internship and service opportunities.

Learning Outcomes: Each Harrington Center service has program goals directly tied to the college's learning outcomes and are evaluated regularly to provide optimal learning experiences for students. At Colby-Sawyer College students will:
1. Learn and use broad body of knowledge with depth in their major fields
2. Enrich and deepend their self-knowledge
3. Think creatively and critically
4. Communicate and interact effectively
5. Act ethically and professionally
6. Understand and employ multiple perspectives

Students using Harrington Center services will:
Career Development
- assess personal characteristics and make career and education decisions. (1)*
- communicate professionally in all interactions to achieve career and education goals. (4)
- bridge personal, educational, and career goals to real-world application. (1)
- understand and implement the career development process. (3)

Internships Across the Curriculum
- apply classroom knowledge in a work setting. (1)
- behave appropriately in a professional environment. (5)

* Parenthetical numbers indicate the specific learning outcome achieved by this program goal.


Kathy Taylor;

Director, Career and Academic Advising