My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“My students are always kind of surprised to learn about what they have missed, what they haven't been paying attention to all their lives.”
Natural Sciences Professor Laura Alexander

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement: The mission of the Harrington Center for Career and Academic Advising is to provide educational opportunities and services to the Colby-Sawyer community. These services are designed to develop professional skills, promote life-long learning, and encourage leadership and humanitarian contributions to society through experiential learning, self-understanding, and reflection.

Philosophy: We teach career development skills and provide the necessary resources and support to enable our students to secure employment, internship and service opportunities.

Learning Outcomes: Each Harrington Center service has program goals directly tied to the college's learning outcomes and are evaluated regularly to provide optimal learning experiences for students. At Colby-Sawyer College students will:
1. Learn and use broad body of knowledge with depth in their major fields
2. Enrich and deepend their self-knowledge
3. Think creatively and critically
4. Communicate and interact effectively
5. Act ethically and professionally
6. Understand and employ multiple perspectives

Students using Harrington Center services will:
Career Development
- assess personal characteristics and make career and education decisions. (1)*
- communicate professionally in all interactions to achieve career and education goals. (4)
- bridge personal, educational, and career goals to real-world application. (1)
- understand and implement the career development process. (3)

Internships Across the Curriculum
- apply classroom knowledge in a work setting. (1)
- behave appropriately in a professional environment. (5)

* Parenthetical numbers indicate the specific learning outcome achieved by this program goal.


Kathy Taylor;

Director, Career and Academic Advising