Are you ready ?

Are you ready to attend orientation? Are you ready to meet wonderful people and learn ways to make your life at Colby-Sawyer College easier? We are excited to welcome you to the Colby-Sawyer College Community! Orientation is designed to help you discover the new opportunities available to you at the college and around the New London area. The programs are planned to help you succeed at Colby-Sawyer. Faculty will expect you to know the information presented during these programs, especially the computer systems program. Please plan to attend all programs.

Orientation begins on August 31st and runs through September 3rd.

During orientation a diverse group of people from your class and orientation leaders from other classes are brought together. It's a great chance to learn and to inform others. You will have your own words to describe it after you have gone through it. See what these students have to say.

"I expected it to be a pain, an awkward meeting of people and I was afraid I would be so shy I would run away. I was wrong; it was so fun I didn't want to go to bed. The activities were fun and engaging; the OLs were supportive and were always ready to answer my questions, including the ones I thought were silly. To the incoming class, I say get involved, have fun, and learn. It so worth it."
- Hannah Lise Raddatz '15

As a shy and reserved person I was dreading Orientation. To my mind meeting over 500 people in my mind could be nothing but a scary and awful experience. I soon found out how wrong I was! The OLs were superb! They were students like me, so I was able to connect and learn from them. They encouraged me to sign up and get involved in clubs that I might be interested in. I also got to know my RAs who were fantastic. Interestingly I had the same RA twice in different buildings! I would say get involved, try something new. Orientation equals New, Exciting, Funsanity!
– Christina Winnett '13 (Senior OL)

"I got here early for preseason, so I had socialized with my team mates and some other athletes already. However I was eager (and anxious) to meet the rest of my class. My OLs were wonderful! They were so welcoming and charming. I maintained friendships with most of them even after Orientation. I would say to the incoming class, try and meet as many of your classmates as you can and have a blast! Orientation is Wicked FUN!"
– Kevin Molinaro '13

0rientation was a whole new adventure to me. Meeting so many people who were from different cultures, I thought I would be lost in the masses. On the contrary, I felt so involved and engaged. The OLs were all so smiley and energetic. I called them Happy Angels. They were very informative. The whole event period was impressive and amazing. As we say in China (Ta shì yiliú de) !
–Cong Geng '14

Students value their Orientation experiences. You will too. This is literally a once in a lifetime event. Don't Miss It.

Come Join the Fun