mountain day

A Genuine Colby-Sawyer Tradition

If you really want to see a unique and adventurous college tradition, you need to experience Colby-Sawyer College Mountain Day.

Since the 1850s students at Colby-Sawyer College have had the tradition of climbing nearby Mount Kearsarge. This tradition is first thought to have been started by then Headmaster George W. Gardener. There were various breaks for a year or two but interest was always rekindled.

The only change that have occurred over time is that it used to be a spring event; however it's now a fall celebration. The official race to the top between the various residence halls has stopped, as has the means of transporting students to the mountain. Transportation is now by buses rather than horse-drawn carriage.

Each person has his or her own unique experience on the mountain, from handstands and yoga to waltzes. This is what some Colby-Sawyer students had to say about their first Mountain Day experience.

“Making it to the top of Mt. Kearsarge for the past four years has been so rewarding and has created many memorable journeys that I will never forget. It is such a privilege to be able to take part of a tradition that has been going on for over 175 years.” -Marilyn Manos '15

“Mountain day is a day you can really feel the community of Colby-Sawyer College come together as one to celebrate the beginning of a new school year! It's a fun day to see some old, familiar faces and also welcome new students into the CSC family!” -Anjali Shutt '15

“For me Mountain Day is a day where students can learn outside the classroom and come together as a community. It allows students to take a break from classes to relax and have fun.”
-Olivia Merrill '15

“What Mountain Day means to me is it is a way for me to connect with people in the past, present, and future. I love the idea that this tradition has been happening for many years and it will continue for many years to come!” -Meredyth Joly '16

Heard it from the Chargers own mouth. Are you ready for Mountain Day?

See You At The Top !