mountain day

A Genuine Colby-Sawyer Tradition

If you really want to see a unique and adventurous college tradition, you need to experience Colby-Sawyer College Mountain Day.

Since the 1850s students at Colby-Sawyer College have had the tradition of climbing nearby Mount Kearsarge. This tradition is first thought to have been started by then Headmaster George W. Gardener. There were various breaks for a year or two but interest was always rekindled.

The only change that have occurred over time is that it used to be a spring event; however it's now a fall celebration. The official race to the top between the various residence halls has stopped, as has the means of transporting students to the mountain. Transportation is now by buses rather than horse-drawn carriage.

Each person has his or her own unique experience on the mountain, from handstands and yoga to waltzes. This is what some Colby-Sawyer students had to say about their first Mountain Day experience.

"I was in my pathway class. It was the Honors Pathway. Somehow everyone was guessing it was today so attention on class was minimal. Then the emails and texts came through and everyone was ecstatic. The whole campus was abuzz with people going from classes and offices to dorm rooms to the buses. A group of friends and I went to the mountain together. We went up the steep slope unintentionally, but the climb was worth it! The view was gorgeous. I made so many new friends at the top. There were pictures and fun all around. I came down to a wonderful barbecue. It was a wonderful day, can't wait for the next one. "
-Ouyagwen Tang '15

"I was in my Pathway class on Mountain Day morning. The professor was trying to organize us for a group activity, but no one was really paying attention; the Mountain Day feel was in the air. Then the bells tolled and the alerts came through. It was Mountain Day! I went to the mountain with some friends and went straight up Kearsarge. I took the shorter, steeper trail. I got to the top, enjoyed the view and watched everyone else arrive. My favorite aspects of the day are the food and the socialization that takes place. The Colby-Sawyer community really bonds on Mountain Day."
-Marcus Yearwood '15

"I found myself in a history class on my first Mountain Day. The rumors were flying wildly. Most people were absolutely sure it was, but our professor denied it and required total concentration. Though now I look back I think he knew it was. I climbed the mountain with my roommates. We took the longer way up, which sloped more gently. I am a big fan of photography so this was a fine chance for me to practice this hobby. I took lots of pictures and others took some photos of me. It was all merry and exciting at the top. I love the fact that on Mountain Day you either have no class or very few. It is very relaxing for me."
– Cindy Driver '13

Heard it from the Chargers own mouth. Are you ready for Mountain Day?

See You At The Top !