student activities office

Mountain Day

Mountain Day, a surprise reprieve from the usual routine that arrives whenever the college president so chooses, is a much-loved tradition that dates back to the mid-19th century.

Here at Colby-Sawyer College, we strongly believe that learning occurs both in and outside of the classroom. The mission of the Student Activities Office is to support Colby-Sawyer students by providing diverse, co-curricular opportunities in which they explore their passions, find social outlets, develop leadership skills, and have fun. We work closely with faculty and staff to engage students in a variety of activities that entertain, challenge, and inspire.

Beyond The Campus

Student Experiences Off-Campus at various conferences and events.

Campus Activities Board

Participate in this fun and exciting Colby-Sawyer tradition

Clubs and Organizations

Overview of existing clubs and organizations

Co-curricular Transcript

Formal record of student "out-of class" involvement

Cultural Events Committee

The Cultural Events Committee sponsors many of the cultural and educational events on campus.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging leaders Program is designed to encourage student leadership and learning.

Lethbridge Lodge

The Lethbridge Lodge is a unique recreational and study space which Colby-Sawyer students can access 24/7.

Mail Room

The Mail room handles all the postal needs of the college. If they cant do it, they will show you who can.

Recreational Sports

Intramural/recreation sports, supports club sport teams