Matt Beilis

Matt's new album sounds polished but live at the same time, which is a tough balance to strike. He manages to be both catchy and soulful, two of the best elements of good pop music. --RYAN DUSICK OF MAROON 5 Matt Beilis sounds like nothing you've heard before. His style fuses soul and hip-hop grooves with the electricity of a rock band. One might call Matt an Elton John Legend or a Maroon Folds 5. Matt's story is the pursuit of a dream at the expense of security and convention. After earning a degree at Columbia University, he embarked on a business career in his “real time” while doing what he loved in stolen moments—writing and performing music. All of Matt's songs were about following your dream, instead of taking the path others expect of you. After way too long into what felt like someone else's life, the irony struck him: he wasn't practicing what hen preached.

Kayte Grace

After releasing three albums, two singles and touring the country—all within four years of teaching herself to play guitar—YouTube and Washington Post favorite, alterative "folktry" singer/songwriter Kayte Grace authors a five-chapter musical novel. "Set Fire to Separate Lives" is being released over the course of a year to fans who'll be able to pay what they like for every EP. The 22-song collection, funded by an IndieGoGo campaign and recorded in 50 hours in Brooklyn, traces the anatomy of "forever love" in all of its breathless, brutal brilliance, deep delight and dirty corners.Singer/songwriter Kayte Grace's music is an explosion of folk, blues, pop and rock, held together by warm-voiced, sing-along-able melodies and rich, resonant lyrics.


The future of live entertainment and comedic hypnosis is here... and his name is SAILESH!He has cycloned his unique brand with the art of live entertainment to bring you one wondrous show. Performing 5 to 6 shows every week around the USA, Canada, and Europe, SAILESH is greeted as THE PREMIERE HYPNOTIST by organizations all over the world. SAILESH has been dubbed by many, “Sailesh: The World's Best Hypnotist." His live performances have been described as a cross between the best frat party you've ever been to and a live concert. SAILESH's show takes audience members on a fantastical journey using hypnosis, improv, music and interactivity to create a whole lot of laughter and fun.

Nore Davis

NORE, the young refreshing face of comedy, delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines, combined with an amazing stage presence. Edgy and clean, NORE tells it like it is, speaking to audiences everywhere. NORE is a comedian for the masses, relating to everyone from teens to the mature adult, delivering original content, and leaving no topic unturned. From relationships to family, race, and politics, NORE brings a comedic talent that has been refined in front of countless audiences on the world's biggest stages. TV Feature spots on MTV's hit shows Yo Momma, and most recently, Nick Cannon presents HATIN on '09 and MTV's Kiss & Tell: The Do's & Dont's of Dating. NORE is always perfecting his act. Look out for this rising star, as he reinvents comedy one laugh at a time.

Sarah Miles

23 year old, pop-singer-songwriter, Sarah Miles is a young woman with a killer voice, catchy pop melodies, some fabulous high heels, and a hint of twang. As enamored with the sounds of Nashville as she is with the sounds of Brooklyn, Sarah's songs are as youthful and lighthearted as her spirit…though her lyrics sometimes show a weightier, pensive side. Sarah has received awards and attracted attention everywhere her voice has carried her...but one expects as much from any talented, budding artist. What stands out is her devotion to finding a unique and honest voice...simply put, Sarah's music is heartfelt and genuine. Sarah has opened for Teddy Geiger, Tony Lucca, Ingram Hill, and Pat McGee. Her Song, "Something About You" has won numerous songwriting awards and was featured on the hit NBC.

Justin Rivera

When Justin Rivera performs on stage, it's the crowd's laughter and faces full of surprises that keep him going. "It's that feeling I love," says Rivera. "I love watching their faces and seeing them laugh or shocked at something I do. It reminds me of being a kid again, like seeing a magic trick that totally fools you for the first time." Fresh from his first national TV appearance on Comedy Central's "The Gong Show with Dave Attell", Rivera is on his way up in the entertainment world. Besides performing on Comedy Central, he's performed with comedians Jo Koy, Edwin San Juan, Ron Josol, Joey Guila and ABS-CBN's Slanted Comedy show for MYX-TV. But unlike Koy, San Juan and Guila, Rivera is a comedian with a twist. Rivera is a comedy magician.

Derek Gaines

Derek Gaines is a California native that was raised in Philadelphia for the last 12 years. In those 12 years, his mother found him to be a ham especially around company but didn't think much of it. Shortly after they relocated to New Jersey where his gift began to flourish. As he grew older, it became apparent that he had a natural gift to make people laugh. On July 30th 2003, Derek went to his first open mic night at the Laff House in Philadelphia and started what he likes to call the road of the “tainted church boy.” From that open mic, he moved around to Rascal's Comedy Club, The Improv in Times Square, The Time Square Arts Center, Broadway Club and opened for Bill Bellamy at Caroline's Comedy Club in Manhattan, NY. Since then he has graced the stages of over 40 colleges and performs actively in the Philadelphia and New York City comedy scene.