beyond the campus: student off-campus experiences

Boston University Debate Tournament

27th -28th September 2013

Colby Sawyer Debate Society attended its first ever debate tournament; the Boston University novice debate tournament. The primary purpose of this tournament was to initiate all new debaters from all APDA member schools into the system and to allow them the opportunity to experience debate on an official level. The secondary and arguably more important purpose of this tournament was to select teams to move on to the next rounds that will be held at Harvard University on the 11th and 12th of October. The Colby Sawyer debate team comprised of Katasi Masembe and Menbere Wendimu and the judging requirement was met by club member Winta Girmay Tekle. The team went head to head against teams from Smith, Columbia and Dartmouth and won one out of three; losing to the Dartmouth team in an “opp-choice” debate. In the debate against Columbia, the debate was too tight to call and declared a tie. The team won against Smith College. At the end of the day, the scores were tallied and the Colby Sawyer debate team was cleared to carry on to the next round at Harvard University.

National Model United Nations Conference, Washington DC

25th -27th October 2013

The CSC Model UN Club participated in a national conference in Washington DC. The conference was a simulation of the work of the United Nations, and Colby-Sawyer sent 7 delegates: Jovana Stojanova as Head of Delegation; Hermella Tekle in the Security Council; Vibhustuti Thapa and Winta Tekle in the General Assembly 1; Najwan Ismail in General Assembly 2; and Anh Le and Sarah Veazey in the International Conference on Population and Development, representing the country of Guatemala. Through this experience, the students: gained a better understanding of the work of the United Nations; expanded their knowledge on how real life politics work; and most importantly, they realized that young people have the power to make positive change in the world. Professors Eric Boyer and Randy Hanson, the club advisors, were great resources for help and support. The Colby-Sawyer delegates aim to build the reputation of the college in the simulated world of the United Nations.

NACA Northeast Conference, Hartford CT

31st October - November 2nd 2013

From October 31st to November 2nd, the Campus Activities Board had six student delegates at the NACA Northeast conference in Hartford Connecticut. Junior Katie Courtemanche, Sophomore Kendall Stopa, and Freshmen Andrew Curtin, Kimmi Adjutant and Emily Nagle attended performer showcases, education sessions, and booking with agents in order to bring quality performers to campus and new ideas back to CAB. At NACA the delegates learned about the events other schools host, gaining success strategies for events we can use here at CSC. The conference yielded connections with several performers who CAB is working to bring to campus, and the involvement of numerous underclassman delegates in this NACA trip is promising to the CAB's future development.

NEACURH Regional Conference, Stoneybrook, NY

November 15-17, 2013

The CSC Residence Hall Association sent six students to the NEACURH Regional Conference in Stony Brook University. It was a great opportunity to represent the College in an external event. It was a great conference to meet leaders from 50 different colleges, to interact and share ideas with them. The club's delegates included Sujan Shrestha, Nishchal Banskota, caitlynn Doocey, Prithul Jung Karkie, Sharai Murry and Anishma Shrestha. The CSC team won many honors at the conference including Most Spirited College in NE, Scholarship Recipient award, 2nd place in the 'Roll Call Video' contest, and 2nd place in the 'Banner' contest.In its short period of existence, the Colby-Sawyer RHA has been in existence; the organization has made a big impact in the college community in terms of raising school spirit through various events.

New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference

November 15, 2013

Eight Exercise science students as well as Professor Eckrich were able to attend the New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine conference this fall. The group was composed of both juniors and seniors. We were able to attend various talks given by professionals, and have a student lunch in which our group split up into two tables and were accompanied by professionals in the exercise and sports sciences field. This is a great opportunity for our group of students because we were able to make connections with professionals, which may help us one day to get jobs in the exercise science field. It is also a good time for the juniors to begin gathering ideas for their senior research projects.