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Mission Statement

Baird Health and Counseling is an integrative past of the CSC experience. We are a team of skilled healthcare professionals committed to supporting student physical wellbeing, emotional fortitude, and success; always learning, always caring.

Services for Students

We believe all students are holistic beings with interdependent physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. We also believe that students have the right and responsibility to educate themselves and to be educated about available health information in order to make informed choices. Students rights and responsibility regarding their protected health information are detailed in our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Services available through the Baird Health & Counseling Center focus on supporting the student while at college. Illness, injury, and counseling services are available to full time matriculated students Monday through Friday. The staff at Baird Health & Counseling Center supplements the student's primary care network while at school and will work directly with primary care and designated specialty providers at the student's request. Referrals to technology services such as radiology and specialty health care professionals are made as needed. Provisions for allergy injections can be made through the local physicians of New London Hospital. Psychiatry services are also available through NLH.

Pharmacy Services

Students are encouraged to establish an account at a local pharmacy. Colonial Pharmacy (603-526-2233)will deliver directly to Baird Health & Counseling Center for pick up at the student's convenience during normal hours of operation provided that the student has an established account.

To Make An Appointment

Please call the Baird Health & Counseling Center at 603-526-3621 to make an appointment.

  • Hours are Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 3pm when classes are in session.

  • A nominal $10 fee will be charged for each office visit. Student smart-cards are a preferred method for payment.

  • Five counseling visits per academic year are available to students free of charge. Subsequent counseling visits are available for the nominal fee of $10 per office visit.

You are invited to send suggestions, questions or comments to Baird Health & Counseling Center.

Health Insurance Information Student Update 2014-2015

What YOU need to know about student Health Insurance at Colby-Sawyer

As of the academic year beginning in the fall of 2014, Colby-Sawyer will no longer sponsor a student health insurance plan. Health insurance is important and is a requirement for all per the Affordable Care Act. The premiums for student health insurance have increased with the Affordable Care Act, and student enrollment has dropped significantly in the student health insurance plan sponsored by CSC in 2013. Options for CSC to participate in student health plans are very limited, and therefore we have decided not to sponsor a student health plan in the 2014-2015 academic year. Students enrolled in the 2013-2014 Aetna plan sponsored by the college will maintain their benefits through July 31, 2014.
If you participate in an internship or clinical at a hospital, please be aware that the hospital may require that you have health insurance. If so, please be mindful and plan ahead for your health insurance as some plans have specific enrollment dates or waiting periods for enrollment. Baird Health & Counseling Center will continue to offer professional and convenient care to all full time students.

What YOU should consider regarding Student Health Insurance

  • Family insurance plans now permit members to continue coverage until age 26. Is this an option for you?

  • All states are required to have an in-state insurance exchange. Do you want to learn more about this? Go to: The next enrollment period will begin November 15, 2014 for the 2015 calendar year, although you may apply sooner in a hardship case such as loss of health insurance. If persons do not have health insurance, a tax penalty will be imposed on the uninsured unless they are qualified for an exemption through

  • Does your health insurance plan provide coverage for services in the greater New London, NH area (including Concord, NH/Dartmouth region)? Out of state Medicaid, CHPs or regional programs may not provide adequate coverage while at Colby-Sawyer. Do you want to look for supplemental health insurance coverage?

  • As a New Hampshire resident, Anthem, Celtic, and are the independent health insurance providers approved by the state. For NH Medicaid, go to Perhaps one of these is an option?

  • Any medical expense that you may incur while at Colby-Sawyer is your responsibility. Do you know how to file a claim through your insurance company?

For Graduates: It is important to know what your insurance options are and whether you will be covered under your parents, an employer, or another source post graduation.

For International Students: It is important that you have student health insurance while you are at Colby-Sawyer College. Medical care is very expensive and it will be important to have coverage in the U.S. for accidents or illness. There are multiple insurance policies available for students studying abroad and it is your choice as to what provider and coverage that you choose, (i.e. search international health insurance). Your insurance policy needs to be recognized in the U.S. for adequate coverage. International student health care policies do not need to comply with the Affordable Care Act. You will need to understand what your insurance policy covers and what the exclusions are. It is important to have coverage for emergency evacuation in case of a catastrophic event.

  • Your student health insurance coverage needs to be for a minimum of 10 months to assure that you have continuity of care in subsequent years. New Hampshire law mandates that if you have a lapse in insurance coverage that is greater than 63 days, than coverage for pre-existing medical conditions are excluded in future coverage.

For ALL Returning and Entering Students: It is important that students have adequate health insurance while at college. Colby-Sawyer students are required to complete the on-line Emergency Contact/Insurance/Missing Persons information form as an entering student and annually thereafter. If you change your insurance plan or other information requested on the form, it will be important for you to update your information at the time of the change. It's a good idea to have a copy of your health insurance card with you while at college.

For 2013-2014 Aetna policy holders please contact Gallagher Koster regarding benefits and questions.

Campus Health Alerts

Click here to view health alerts for the college community.

Contact our Director

This site is monitored by Pam Spear, Director of Baird Health and Counseling Center. She will answer your e-mail to or direct it to the person who can address your comment. You are also invited to call us at 603-526-3621. Our Fax number is 603-526-3453.