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Relationships are something we experience and deal with every day of our lives. We have relationships in our families, with friends, with partners and significant others, in the classroom and in just about every facet of life.

While they can be enriching, rewarding and satisfying, they can also be complicated, challenging, complex, frustrating and at times can bring us pain and hurt. When there is poor communication, absence of healthy boundaries, or difficulty dealing with and resolving conflict, it is difficult to have a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Effective communication, healthy boundaries and resolution of conflict as it occurs, can bring deep satisfaction in relationships with others in our lives whether they be a parent, sibling, roomate, significant other, friend or acquaintance.

Transition to College Life

For many first-year students in particular, leaving behind the security of family and friends with whom there is familiarity and trust and opening yourself up to new relationships can be enormously stressful. The normal academic challenges of college life added to the social stress of living in a campus community can place enormous pressure on relationships creating additional challenges.

How you dealt with relationships in your family of origin is often reflected in how you deal with relationships at school and may, at times, need "adjustment and fine tuning".

The transition to college life involves leaving the comforts of home, family, friends and high school. This means a considerable adjustment under the best of circumstances.

For many students difficulties arise which they find they cannot surmount with their usual resources. To help with such situations ten counseling sessions are available to each student at no additional cost. Professional counselors who are familiar with the campus and the local community effectively help many students with the rough patches of their transitions.

The staff of Baird Health and Counseling Center are aware and sensitive to this time of transition from home to school as well as to the complexity of living as a member of a college community.

With counselors well trained in relationship issues and family dynamics, BHCC offers an opportunity for you to sit down in a safe and confidential environment and discuss difficulties or questions you may have about a relationship you are in or about difficulties or problems you may be having in forming relationships with others.

If you have comments, questions or concerns about relationships, please contact BHCC at 603-526-3621 or Baird Health and Counseling Center

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